Alternative Yoast Plugin Of WordPress For Digital Marketers

Alternative Yoast Plugin Of WordPress For Digital Marketers

Marketers all over the globe largely benefit from WordPress Plugin. Be it landing pages, magazine websites, social media websites, e-commerce websites, directory pages; there is nothing that WP cannot build. Almost 34% of the websites that we find on the Internet today are structured by WordPress.

Another important feature of WP is its wide array of plugins that help in content optimization for SEO, schedule ongoing website backups, adding live chat, etc. Any business owner or marketer can largely benefit from the services of a WordPress development company. Also, when you hire a WordPress developer, you get to reap benefits from the Yoast SEO plugin. Website optimization takes place at its best with features such as focus keywords, Meta titles, etc.

The thing that seldom gets unnoticed is the availability of several other amazing plugins in addition to Yoast. Here we will learn about all those wonderful alternatives for your website.

Listing down alternatives plugins to Yoast

All in One SEO

These days a number of marketers are experimenting with plugins that are urging them to compare Yoast vs. All in one SEO. The latter is one of the highest downloaded plugins right now in WordPress. Its advanced features are something that is making it stand out amidst the crowd. This plugin has tons of features that can simplify your WordPress SEO.


  1. Free SEO integration for various eCommerce sites
  2. Google AMP integration
  3. Automatic generation of Meta tags
  4. Google Analytics tracking tool

Premium SEO Pack

A new addition in the current market though, this plugin is turning heads because of its feature called Mass optimization. Several e-commerce vendors are now opting for WP SEO Premium because of this feature. Not just Meta titles, keywords & description optimization, but pages & posts optimization at a single time are also possible with this plugin. This feature also helps in saving money & time.


  1. Slug optimizer
  2. Manifold focus keywords
  3. Monitoring of 404 error pages
  4. Neighbouring business shortcodes


When confused between Yoast vs, Jetpack, like many others, you must go with the latter one. This plugin suite amalgamates important WP features into a single big plugin. Users can easily manage features they wish to use & can also turn off those features if not required. Unlike the usual WP plugins, the user interface of this plugin is noteworthy.


  1. Fortified security
  2. Business hours block
  3. Custom CSS

The SEO Framework

Driven by avant-garde Artificial Intelligence technology, this plugin is the sensation right now. When it comes to the SEO Framework vs. Yoast, the answer is pretty simple. The former helps in optimizing & analyzing several website elements that would otherwise require manual optimization by other plugins. Though the plugin is preconfigured, there are options to yank the settings for fulfilling the needs. The intelligence that is intricately built into the plugin leads to website page optimization on its own without any input by the user.

Automatic generation of page descriptions & titles is also another feature of this plugin that interests several marketers these days. Google will recognize these elements by hook or by crook that is again beneficial for the website ranking aspect.


  1. Metadata optimization
  2. Smart plugin due to built-in AI
  3. Respects users’ privacy
  4. Enhances the search presence


Mind-bogged just by thinking what all you can achieve with the plugins as mentioned above? A website can be the best version of itself if the plugins are put into proper use. One way to ensure that is to hire a WordPress developer. These expert and experienced developer teams of a WordPress development company act as the magic wand for transforming boring and slow websites into dynamic ones. Want to get a hands-on one too? Go ahead & email us for free quotations.

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