The best Web Hosting solution for your online business

Wise solution VPS South Africa: The best Web Hosting solution for your online business


Are you looking for a VPS hosting South Africa?

Have you checked out the Wisesolution Hosting service but aren’t sure whether it is right for you or not?

Well, I am pretty sure that this article will give you some helpful information to decide whether it is worthwhile to purchase the VPS South Africa Plan of Wisesolution or not.

But before digging deeper into wisesolution, let’s first understand what VPS is and why you choose VPS South Africa for your online business.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting refers to web hosting that uses virtualization technology to serve multiple websites with dedicated private resources on one physical machine. In simple terms, with VPS Hosting, you get everything private, whether it’s an operating system, working environment, security, or resources with a shared server. 

However, VPS is a shared server but offers individual space to each website hosted on it. Therefore, it is the most popular, cost-friendly, reliable and secure among all the web hosting options.

Why do you choose VPS Hosting South Africa?

Though there are a lot of reasons to choose VPS Hosting South Africa for your online business but only a few of them are mentioned below:

1.    Budget-friendly

The only reason for which VPS South Africa is more prevalent among other web hosting options is its reasonable pricing. Getting dedicated and private resources at a fraction of a price of a dedicated server is not a joke. Moreover, VPS Hosting South Africa works almost similar to Dedicated hosting.

2.    Optimized Performance

If you want your business website to perform at its best, then choose VPS South Africa. VPS South Africa boosts your website’s speed and security which enhances your website’s performance in return.

3.    No server errors

VPS South makes sure that your website does not face any server errors. Because server errors like 500, 501, 502,…..510 do not only give a bad impression to your visitors but also give an opportunity to your competitors to gain your customers.

4.    Easy customization

The best advantage of having VPS hosting South Africa is that you can customize your vps package according to your needs. This means including only the resources in your package required by your business.

5.    24/7 customer support

When it comes to customer support, no doubt VPS South Africa offers 24/7 customer support services. When you face any issue with your server, just make a call to your technical support, and they will troubleshoot your problem instantly.

6.    High Scalability

The other best advantage of having VPS Server South Africa is that starting with a basic plan; you can scale your VPS resources anytime. In this way, you could not only save your money but make the best use of your resources.

About Wisesolution

Established in 2010, Wisesolution is a new and “100% independent” web hosting company based entirely in India. Akshay Saini, the CEO of Wisesolution, founded the company with a simple and straightforward goal: “provide quality services round the clock at reasonable rates”. With a humble beginning, Wisesolution has been flourishing with excellence. Apart from offering a wide array of hosting services, the company also provides domain registration, website security, SSL certificates, and much more. Currently, they claim to have more than 6000 satisfied customers.

Designed for both individual and enterprise customers, Wisesolution’s data centres are scattered around the world. This means that customers can host their websites in any location such as the US, France, the UK, Japan, Canada, Singapore, India, etc.

Key Features of Wisesolution VPS South Africa

  • Solid-State Drives:-

Wisesolution uses SSD drives to speed up page load times with extremely fast and durable drives.

  • Free VPS management:-

By free management, we mean that Wisesolution does not charge anything extra for setting up and managing your VPS South Africa, all free of cost.

  • SSH and Root Access:-

In their Linux VPS hosting plans, Wisesolution claims that they provide root SSH access. Here, with complete root access means, you can control your entire vps environment and, if required, make configuration to the server too.

  • Resource monitoring dashboard:-

Wisesolution provides an easy-to-use resource monitoring dashboard to help customers reboot their virtual private servers, monitor their memory usage and server loads, and manage other configurations of your VPS server South Africa.

  • VPS migration:-

You can move all your data from your existing provider to Wisesolution with minimal cost.

  • Host multiple sites:-

Wisesolution can host all of your websites on the same VPS account which means from one VPS; you can host and manage multiple websites.

  • Instant provisioning:-

When you complete an order and verify your payment, your VPS plan is set up instantly.

  • No setup fees:-

There is no hidden cost for wisesolution VPS Hosting South Africa Plans; whatever is mentioned on the website includes set up fees as well. 

  • Robust infrastructure:-

WHMCS, Supermicro, Dell, WHMPHP, MySQL, and cPanel are some of the top players that Wisesolution collaborates with to develop robust infrastructure.

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Wisesolution South Africa VPS Hosting Plans

Wisesolution offers quite a good number of different South Africa VPS hosting services, starting with starters plan @1155/mo. to all the way to enterprise plan @4620/mo. With all South African VPS plans, customers are free to choose which operating system they would like to use (Linux VPS South Africa or Windows VPS South Africa). However, this decision does not affect the pricing much.

You can choose to pay for WiseSolutions products either by credit/debit card, PayPal or direct bank transfer, whichever option seems best to you.

Customer Reviews

Wisesolution has gained name and fame worldwide due to its happy customers review on highly trusted review websites such as hostadvice. Let’s see what its customers say about hosting solutions and services.


After reading the above article, I guess it must be clear to you whether you should choose Wisesolution VPS South Africa for your online business or not. Wisesolution offers everything required by an online business right from 100% uptime to advanced security, root access, fastest speed, 7 days money-back guarantee, instant provisioning and so on. Now whether you want to go with a wisesolution or not is entirely your decision.

Happy Hosting!

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