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Everyone is curious about the term, ‘Vampire Marketing‘. Why? Because most of the people have never heard it before.
So before going into depth, let’s take a summarized overview of the marketing world. We already know different marketing ways that are base for driving the wheel of any business.


In the early ages, there were only a few, old, and traditional strategies and methods. They use the local and word of mouth mediums. Tools like custom banners and posters, vocals to call towards the shops.
Later, electronics and digital tools took over the marketing. In the form of Radios, Television, Internet, and especially social media platforms.
Then we got a simple concept of the two major marketing industries. The traditional marketing, and digital marketing.

Traditional Vs Digital Marketing

The greatest benefit of digital marketing. There is a direct approach to the relevant and converting customers. In digital platforms, advertisers can decide where to show their ad. To a specific gender, or age groups.
This in-depth targeting power of digital media gave rise to other marketing ways. The search, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram. To engage the very specific and most relevant audience to the business.

Vampire Marketing? What is it?

Now coming to the Vampire Marketing. What is it?
This is one special marketing strategy, which is strange to explain. as the name resembles, it is not for the Vampires, it is something different and amazing to do.
As vampires in myths, known to be night-crawlers. They are active in the dark and remain till the sunrise. The concept of the vampire marketing is because of this specialty. It is about to hit the audience that is awake in the night.
Many the people remains asleep, so this is the best way to reach out to those people in the middle of the night. Those people who are busy with their phones, internet, social media in the middle of the night.

People awake at night

In early times, it was ideal to market some illegal kind of products, such as drugs, gambling, weapons and arms. But, after the revolution of the E-commerce, an infinite number of products and items are sold. Things like Medicines, Fashion products, gadgets, cosmetics, software, subscriptions, and many more.

Vampire Marketing – What are the Benefits?

It is fruitful for the marketers selling sleep products. Products like sleep devices, apps and meditation solutions. Because it is the ideal time for marketers to target the audience that is awake that time. So the sleep is their primary issue, for this, they are searching for. Even if they are not searching, but they are awake this time. So they have the problem of sleeplessness.
After discussing this, the question raises in mind. What are the marketing mediums of the vampire marketing? Where to target such an audience which is stalking in the dark? So here digital marketing is the ultimate solution to all these, let’s see how:

Vampire Marketing & Google Ads

Google Ads, is no doubts the most amazing platform for online advertisers. It has enabled the location-based, demographics-based and especially the time zone based advertising. In this way, advertisers are capable of running their ads for the specific period from 1 AM to 5 AM.
We can also use Youtube and Google Display ads in the same manner. People are awake this time, are using their mobile phones, or some other gadgets. Thus Google ads are the right way to approach them.
Same way the effective content marketing is a great source. Build and design some awesome content. Show it to the right audience, exactly at the right time of their needs.

People with mobile phones

Vampire Marketing & Social Media Marketing

We can show ads to the people who are busy with their social media activities. Either its Facebook or Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, with relevant ads interests. For instance, ads for makeup and beauty products could be targeted to teenage girls. In demo-graphs from ages 18-25. This is performed by filtering ages in the ad managers. Men with interests in sports can be reached through the interest-based targeting.

SMS and Email Marketing

Email Marketing and Vampire

Those who are awake at night, are also using their mobile phones and laptops as well. So it is the right time to push your native marketing SMS, and emails that hit the right audience at the right time.
Thus it is clear to say, that vampire marketing is one of the most rising business strategies of the modern age. It classifies the audiences. It targets the most relevant leads and reduces the costs of acquisitions. Still explaining vampire marketing is much different and typical to understand. But, we will discuss this detail in coming topics. Stay tuned!

Author: Rohan Shah

I am Muhammad Roohan (AKA Rohan Shah) a Geek in Digital marketing, SEO, SEM, Social media, Content Marketing, Growth Hacking, Coding, AI, and Big Data. I love to seek every single opportunity to enhance my entrepreneurship skills and thirst for knowledge covering all domains in Information Technology.

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