Do you over think and feel that you can not escape your mind and your anxiety?

Anxiety is the silent ghost that creeps up in the night and makes you question your own existence. It is due to fear and often paralyzes us to think straight with facts and reality. To overcome anxiety, you first need to understand and identify your ultimate fear.

Overanxious people question themselves a lot. They ask, “What if” scenarios and trying to control their situations. It is due to the fact of fear and making the situation worse than it is.

To overcome anxiety, the first thing is to overcome your fear.

Read these simple tips to overcome anxiety & stop it once and for all:

  • Write your “What if scenarios”
  • Listen to motivational songs
  • Change your failures into life lessons
  • Maintain a record of your anxiety
  • Find a friend to talk about your situation
  • Practice “worry sessions”
  • Drink plenty of water & Practice Exercise
  • Stop being hard on yourself
  • Think a positive thought
  • Take deep breaths

Write your “What If Scenarios”

This is your first step to overcome anxiety. Often like there is no escape from our situation and no one can help us. The feeling of helplessness with “what if” questions are the triggers.

Such triggers that we have to overcome to keep winning the battle with our own mind. Sometimes simple questions such as asking for a cup of tea or making phone calls make us everything.


The best way to get yourself out of these situations is to write your scenarios and categorize them. The situations in which you have no control over, let is go. Take the things that are in control & focus your energy into things that matter most & make a positive impact on life.

Listen to motivational songs


One of the simplest tricks which I found encouraging myself. When I get anxiety attacks is to listen to my favourite music. Most of the people found it the best remedy to overcome anxiety.

Listening to good music makes you feel better and makes you focus your mind on the task at hand. Overthinkers beat themselves with too many unresolved questions. And the only way to stop it is to listen to motivational songs.

Change your failures into life lessons

Believe it or not, over thinkers expect a lot not from themselves but the people around them as. That failures are setbacks and we will not get over it. Change your thinking and state it the other way around.

Tell yourself it is okay to fail sometimes and get back up. Each failed attempt is giving you the chance to perfection. It gives you the next opportunity to grow stronger.

Think that your failure is your life lesson which you need to progress in life. Writing your lessons in life and looking back at these lesson helps you control your anger and overcome anxiety. Remember, success comes after failures.

Maintain a record of your anxiety


You might see that a lot of successful people have the of writing. Writing makes a person think and focus on their time and energy.

Similar is the case with anxiety. When you feel you’re fearing something or stuck in the loophole of anxiety, write it down. The best way to do it, write it in the diary. After 10 minutes of writing everything, you’ll feel much relaxed and determine.

You will find out what is triggering your anxiety attacks. Workaround those triggers and confront the situation one on one.

Find a friend to talk about your situation


People say that Friends are the biggest blessings in life and it holds true. Once you find friends who you can share whatever goes in your mind you will feel much better.

Friends make you analyze situations from the viewpoint of a third person and see things as it is. It isn’t necessary that you talk to everyone out there. Have one good friend whom you can share your thoughts and fears. Not just to overcome anxiety, friends can aid in almost every journey of life or in decisions. But again need to say, the only good friends, not everyone!

Practice “Worry Sessions”

One of the best ways to keep your focus and push yourself to do the things is to set your “worry sessions”. Example, if you want to complete an essay don’t take a break until you finish it. At the end of your day spare half an hour to worry.

When you do not let your brain run on autopilot instead control it and shift the gears of your mind to focus. Trust me, you will feel much better. This is the best way to overcome anxiety especially if you are a teenager or student.

Drink Plenty of Water & Practice Exercise

When we do not drink plenty of water 10-15 cups a day, our body dehydrates. Our organs need water to function so always have a bottled water wherever you go. When you consume enough water you feel much energized during the day.

Also, do a daily walk or exercise for about 15-30 minutes to feel much better. Exercises do motivate us just like our friends and well-wishers. They help us realize our potential to thrive, and struggle.

Stop being hard on yourself


Overthinkers and anxiety attacks make a person being hard on their own selves. If you do something wrong you get into what I called “Fault loop from hell”.

The fault loop from hell makes a person think that everything wrong in the world or bad happened is their fault.

How to get out of it? Simple. You are not always at fault and you do not have to be so hard on yourself. Let go of the things and people who suck your energy.

Take Natural Remedies

Yes, by means of a good hygiene, and diet, anxiety could be evaded. There are certain natural antidots for anxiety and depression. Like, if you never ever used to eat green leafy vegetables, start today! Foods with handsome amout of vitamins B have significant impact in soothing your mind and relaxing it from anxiety.

A recent study published at Lyfe Botanicals emphasizes the use and benefits of turmeric for anxiety & depression. It is a must read study that will change your perception about the natural remedies. Go, give it a shot!

Think a positive thought

If you read self-help books and listen to motivational speakers like Robin Sharma. You’ll explore the impact of positive thinking. When you wake up and start your day on a positive note your whole day will be better.

Studies show that the first 1 and a half hours of your the most crucial. Thus, do not start with any negative thoughts or with seeing your cell phone right off. Instead, be thankful and energize yourself with positive thoughts.

Take deep breaths


When all the tips fail and still you lose control over the string of your thoughts, take deep breaths. Take deep breaths to calm yourself that increase blood circulation towards your brain. Do this short exercise for about 5 minutes and you are good to go. It makes you take back control over your thoughts and you will feel better.

We discussed some of the most simple tips and tricks which you can try to stop your anxiety. Let us know if you have any other tips which you want to share with us that helped you?

Author: Sara Rehman

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