Small & Easy SEO Tips to Boost Your Rankings – 2021 Guide

Every website is born with the purpose to get top ranks in the SERPs. But only a few get the opportunity because of those 200+ ranking factors. And also the organic traffic on the site.

Since discussing all those 200 is another world. Let’s focus on the second thing, the organic traffic.

But do you know how to gain this organic traffic?

The first answer is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

It’s a great technique that helps you to rank your website and boost traffic.

A website without SEO is a hidden treasure – no matter how shiny you are, you’ll always stay below the curve.

Today more than 95% of people search Google to find online services or businesses. If you are not ranked on GOOGLE it means you have lost your 80% sales online. Amazed?

Even if you are on the first page of the search engines but not on 1st position then it means you will lose 33% of your sales.

Now think how important it is to rank number 1 on Google.

Your competitors who stay on top of the search engine are giving 100% effort. They’re applying the latest SEO ways according to the Google algorithm to rank.

The Right & Quick SEO Tips to follow in 2021

Everyone wants their website to reach the number 1 position on the search engines. But only a few consider these small and hidden SEO tips.

Let me mention those killer tips here for you to do your SEO effectively:

Website Load Speed

This is the most important tip for all the SEOs out there.

Google takes the website load speed serious. It also affects your website in the form of a decrease in ranking if it finds loading speed on a turtle speed.

According to the Google updates, your website should take no longer than 3.2 seconds.

Why it is an important technique?

It’s because 60% of the visitors close the website immediately if the website takes time to open. As a result, the customer moves to your competitor’s website.

If this happens, you will lose the sales and traffic of your website

But but but…

If your website loads faster than 3 seconds there is a chance that visitors will come again on your website. This will help in increasing the traffic and boost the ranking in SERP.

The best free tool to check the website load speed is PINGDOM. Try it now! Not just this one, there are many others. Such as Google Page Insights, and GT Metrix.

PRO TIP: For best results and optimization, use these 3 tools together and optimize whatever possible. You will be astonished to see the speed and performance of your website.

Content is the king

Content marketing is now a major part of SEO.  If your content is old, or not a quality post. Or written in a length that is hard to digest for readers. Then there are huge chances that your website won’t rank or increase the fluctuation rate.

Now as we are getting a lot of news and updates from Google. They say that your content must be of high quality not quantitative, updated or relevant. Make a note!

Write engaging content so that readers take an interest in reading about it. There is some technique of writing engaging content like including Bucket Brigades. This increases the readability of the content exponential times.

Also, if you apply this, your bounce rate will decrease and rankings will also improve.

Image Optimization

You must have heard that “A picture speaks louder than words.”

It’s because images play a key role in attracting visitors more than content. Images help in boosting your website if they are less in space and clear HD images WOW the visitors on your site.

Image optimization includes alt text of the image which Google reads. In simple words, the image should have a relevant name and image should be not huge. It will affect your website load time if images are large.

If you don’t know how to compress images then search some image compressing tools like tinypng.

For instance, if you are doing SEO of a site like perfect resume. A CV Writing Services website. If this website has CV samples which are not in HD format or large, it will harm your rankings.


These are the points which should be a chief priority to boost the ranking of the website. You aren’t late enough to rank on Google. With these techniques, you can still foster your website rankings.

There are many other SEO tips and tricks that you should also include. But these tips will always stay on top due to its importance in pushing forward your website ranking.

So try out these points and watch your results. If possible change your strategies according to your results and analytics. Then enjoy the positive growth of your site. I’d be waiting on to hear your feedback.

Author: Hamza Karim

I’m Hamza Karim. I am a Digital Marketing Specialist, in SEO, SEM, PPC, Content Marketing, SMM and a Technology Enthusiast. I write from my skills and experience on Local Writer and The Artistic Designers.

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