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How to put my site on top of Google?

This is one of the most common questions of those who are starting their journey on the internet. First, look for some best affordable SEO companies around you.

The answer is that knowing your search intent and optimizing your pages according to keywords. As well as producing quality content, you can reach the top positions of search engines. Learn more about SEO on Glamy SEO Service.

Think About Search Intention

The first step is to understand how your user searches for the most used terms about your business. You can do this with the help of some experienced SEO experts.

And from this point, make a listing with appropriate keywords for those same keywords.

Going back to the idea that you have a website about imported sneakers. There’s no point in wanting to appear in search results for content with keywords about miracle diets, imported perfumes or diet chocolates. Your business does not relate to these terms.

Define Long Tail Keywords

Once you have a list of keywords about the subjects you want to write or the products you want to sell. It is best to choose to use long-tail keywords.

The term “long tail” refers to keywords consisting of three or more words. Which ends up forming a short sentence. For example, we have a long tail keyword hosting cheap websites.

From the user’s bias, the search is segmented and much more specialized. That being so, they end up finding exactly what they want. And it is Google’s algorithm that defines the best suggestions for pages or content that serves the purpose of the user’s search intent.

So, using long-tail keywords is a big differentiator. Rather than using generic keywords where competition for the best positions is much higher. Long-tailed keywords better represent your business intent to the user and increase your chances of ranking with more specific terms where competition is much smaller.

Use Synonyms & Words With Similar Semantics

After defining the keywords that will guide the placement of pages and content on your site. Also, use synonyms and secondary keywords with similar semantics to the main ones.

This is another SEO practice that helps rankers in search engines.  The purpose of this is that Google evaluates the way you enter keywords, semantics, and context of the page to classify which content is relevant to the user.

Thus, use and abuse this practice. But know that you need to make everything as natural as possible.

Write Quality Content

Quality content is one that responds to user questions according to their search intentions with the keywords they choose. This is one of the SEO techniques that most influence the positioning of a page in search engines and don’t forget to go for affordable SEO marketing companies.

Writing relevant content means that you must produce text that delivers a quick and effective solution to anyone who has some kind of problem on the internet. It can be a tutorial, an informative guide or a step by step guide on how to fix something.

Search engines are programmed to crawl content posted on the internet that is useful for the user. And the top-ranked content is the one with the captivating text. The depth of ideas and images that complement the paragraphs.

Hierarchize the Contents

To rank is to delimit the importance of something about another. The most important of them appear before the others and receives greater prominence.

This is what you need to do with the content you publish.

Besides making user reading easier and more goal, this SEO technique makes search engines find your content by organizing your text.

Thus, they will recommend your page as the best solution for the search keywords. Affordable SEO marketing services will help you put your website on google’s top.

What you should do is define an outline with the information you want to cover in the content. And from there, hierarchize them in headers (headings) with titles and subtitles according to the importance you want to give them. It’s like a skeleton from the most important to the least important.

The hierarchy structure in content published on the internet is:

H1 (Heading 1):

It is the title of the page. It has the highest priority and this is where you have to be careful to capture the reader’s attention.

H2 (Heading 2):

These are the subtitles you create to break the theme of your content into topics.

H3 (Heading 3):

They are the subtitles of H2. They should be used to add extra topical information that you define.

H4 (Heading 4) & H5 (Heading 5):

They work like H3. They further delimit the complementary information of content.

Here is a summarized form of this case study in the form of this infographic. There is a clear and winning checklist for doing effective SEO and content marketing in 2020.

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