Netflix Streaming Tips for 2021 and Beyond

Netflix Streaming Tips for 2021 and Beyond

Bigger strides are made every day in the advancement of technology and its application to basic human life. Gone are the days when the latest released movie would only be available for viewing in cinemas as streaming services now get them on time for their subscribers. Thus providing the option for people to enjoy the latest content in the comfort of their homes. 

Streaming services are all the rage these days, with platforms like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon prime bossing the stage, providing top-notch movie streaming content.

2021 Movie Outlook

The bigger these streaming services get, the more content they add to the catalogue for their worldwide subscribers, making them even more desirable to current and potential customers. 

With several countries still on lockdown, and the production of several movies paused in 2020, several movies release dates have been slated for 2021 release, and the anticipation is at an all-time high.

The lockdown enforced in 2020 reduced the availability of new movies and series for people to keep entertained, with several having to resort to old movies and classic series to keep company.

Luckily, all that is about to change as new movies and series, touted to offset the all-time best Netflix movies are set to premiere in several months across the year.

For Netflix subscribers, it is important that you know how to maximize your subscription benefits at the most reasonable costs. All these while having a seamless streaming experience. Here are some tricks to help you enjoy your subscription.

Tips to make the best out of your subscription

  1. Personalized Profiles – Netflix offers a range of subscription packages to suit each person’s financial capacity, and to accommodate more than one person using an account.

For those looking to share an account with others, it is inadvisable to pay for an account with only one profile as Netflix would not be able to track your progress with series or recommend the genre of movie content you’re into.

Of course, if you have no intentions of sharing the account with family and friends, a simple, basic, one-profile subscription would be enough.

  1. Adding Extra features – Oftentimes, movies get a lot of media hype before its release date. After its release, some viewers end up disappointed; feeling like they have wasted data.

To help prevent such scenarios, it is possible to add IMDb ratings on Netflix, as an extension of your google chrome or whatever browser is used to access the site. In doing so, you can see the rating before viewing, to determine whether it is worth the time.

This feature is only available while using the browser, so if you make use of TV or the app to stream Netflix, you would have to visit the IMDb site to check the rating.

  1. VPN – While Netflix offers a wide range of movie and series content across several countries in the world, there are still some movies that are not available in some regions.

To access them, the user would need a VPN for Netflix. This encrypts your location and transmits it to a different place to give you access. Lucky for users, making use of a VPN is not a crime.

  1. Download – For users who do not have the time to binge-watch series, or those who do not have unlimited data access at home, they can set the video resolution of the series they intend to watch later, and download over the office, library, or public Wi-Fi.

This affords them the luxury of relaxing and enjoying good content from the comfort of their homes at their preferred pace.

  1. Video Quality – everybody just hates when they’re trying to enjoy a movie and it keeps buffering, interrupting the experience. Fortunately, there are ways around this, the first of them being reduced video quality. 

If you are not running on the highest possible network in your area, or you do not have unlimited data, reducing the video quality under settings is a sure way to get rid of buffer issues.

However, if you are one who insists on watching at the highest possible quality, then it’s preferable to stream at odd hours, when the number of users on the Netflix network would be significantly reduced, thereby reducing buffering.

  1. Remove AutoPlay – Netflix has an in-built feature that automatically plays the next episode of whatever series the user is watching. More often than not, people tend to fall asleep in front of their Television and electronic devices while it is still on. 

If this happens to a subscriber while watching a series, the service would play the next episode and the subsequent one until the season is completed, or till the service is required to ask if the person is still watching.

This would result in several gigabytes of data lost, so to avoid this, check the account settings for autoplay, and turn it off.

  1. Remove Credits & Trailers – For some, the pre-movie trailer and credits add to the overall experience and prefer to watch them before the actual movie. 

If you are not one of those people, then you’d probably find them quite annoying. The option to turn it off is among several that can be found in settings.

  1. Disconnect Other devices – when trying to stream over a private Wi-Fi, be sure to remove other devices connected to the network to allow the device you are using to stream and enjoy all of the bandwidth.

PS:   Closing all background apps running on the device before launching Netflix also reduces the chances of buffering


Statistics show that Netflix is the biggest movie streaming platform in the world at the moment, with almost 200 million active subscribers from around the world.

As much as Netflix’s user experience is very good for anyone to get a hang of it, getting the most out of your subscription fee would require more than surface-level use. It will be helpful to use any of the above-mentioned tips to ensure a good experience with the service. 

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