10 Most Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs of the World

Gone are the days for the women to stay at home. So the society made them believe being an entrepreneur is not their forte. But, women of the 21st century are kicking things up the notch. Therefore, the women of today are entrepreneurs, leaders, astronauts, politicians, and so on.
To illustrate this, The Ideators brings you today the 10 most inspiring and influential women entrepreneurs. These influential women entrepreneurs to whom you can look up to in 2021:

Edith Harbaugh

edith harbaugh
Edith Harbaugh is the Founding CEO of LaunchDarkly. Her company is remarkable in the world of marketing. It provides more than 20 Billion features for deployment and feature management. Although, Edith also served in product and marketing at Business Bloom and Tripit for business. As a result, she generated about $1 Million profit in her business in a short time of eighteen months.

Kelechi Anyadiegwu

Kelechi is a well-known and inspiring name in the fashion industry of Africa. She is the founder and CEO of Zuvaa. She launched Zuvaa in 2014, which is now one of the biggest fashion design marketplaces in Africa.
Since, its launch, Zuvaa is featured in Forbes, The New York Times, Essense and Fast Company. Kelechi is also featured in Forbes 30 under 30 lists.

Leslie Feinzaig

Leslie Feinzaig is one of a kind entrepreneur. She is also famous for making an army of women entrepreneurs. She is the founding CEO of the Female Founders Alliance. FFA is the breakthrough platform for women founded growth startups.
Leslie is among the top women entrepreneurs in 2021. She got featured in Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women in America. She holds Bachelors from London School of Economics & an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Lauren Washington

Lauren is an entrepreneur, and also a social activist for black women empowerment. She has founded two amazing ventures, KeepUp and Black Women Talk Tech. KeepUp is an app made for tracking and doing your social media activities with ease.
Black Women Talk Tech is another brilliant platform for helping black women. It empowers talented black women to build billion-dollar companies on their own.

Silvina Moschini

Silvina is another inspiring woman entrepreneur who is known as MissInternet. She is not a serial entrepreneur but a digital innovation expert & technopreneur. Silvina is also a keynote motivational speaker and trainer. She founded these great startups;
Transparent Business: To increase productivity, reduce budgets, and enhance monitoring in freelancing platforms.
Yandiki: Another powerful platform to connect great talent with great companies. It is regarded as one of the most innovative and powerful talent management tools.
& the best one!
She Works: She Works is among the top ventures founded by women. It helps connect enterprises like Cisco, Google, SAP to the women remote workforce. This is with the help of powered cloud technology. Not only remote jobs, but it is also a great platform for online learning.

Ugwem Eneyo

Along with technology, women are also breaking barriers in energy and power, even in Africa. Ugwem Eneyo is a rising star in the field of Solar energy and resources.
She founded one of the companies called Solstice. Solstice is a startup to connect distributed energy resources. They do this all by using the state-of-art Internet of Things (IoT) technology.
What makes her inspiring is that she is a graduate student at Stanford University. For this reason, she is also considered one of the sharpest minded students.

Sadia Basheer

Sadia Basheer is another name of inspiration from Pakistan. She made her name in the Forbes 30 under 30. Sadia founded PixelArt, a new generation game development company. She is also a keynote speaker at TEDx, GameLab, and Game Developers Conference. Sadia has a passion for video games. Her passion made her overcome all the obstacles in her path to success.

Natasia Malaihollo

Natasia Malaihollo, CEO and co-founder of the company Wyzerr. She is well-experienced in front-end development & founded two successful startups in a short span of time. She, along with her team works on Artificial Intelligence. The data gathered helps to make decisions for better operations of the businesses.

Samantha Snabes

In the revolutionary world of recycling, Samantha’s name is a revolution. She has founded re3D, a startup built up for the makers of 3D instruments using recycled material.
Samantha has a very dedicated and strong team of NASA scientists who aim to bring an environmental change. In recent, she has won the 2018 WeWork Creator Award Million Dollar Prize.

In A Nutshell!

So, now it is your turn to get inspiration from these leading entrepreneurs who fought all stereotypes. Don’t let excuses to come into your way. Be the entrepreneur you always wish to become and make your own path.

Author: Roohan Shah

I am Muhammad Roohan (AKA Rohan Shah) a Geek in Digital marketing, SEO, SEM, Social media, Content Marketing, Growth Hacking, Coding, AI, and Big Data. I love to seek every single opportunity to enhance my entrepreneurship skills and thirst for knowledge covering all domains in Information Technology.

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