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The Kardashians /Jenner Family-the family that is famous all around the world with many stars that we can not get enough of them. The family is famous due to some of the most famous celebrities who got all the media attention i.e Kim Kardashian. No family wants to have arguments, gossips on the tv show but this family is quite open about their relationships & fights in front of the camera and have their own show at E! Entertainment by the name of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’.

The family has pushed itself into the spotlight and now we thought it is time to share some mind-blowing facts about the family.

The family before the Fame

Before all the fame, most of the family members already had an appearance on various TV shows. Kourtney Kardashian appeared in the ‘Filthy Rich Cattle Drive’, whereas Brandon and Brody Jenner appeared on the ‘Princess of Malibu’ in 2005.

Kardashian Family Old

Who can forget about the famous woman in the world, Kim Kardashian West was actually a celebrity stylist to Lindsay Lohan and Brandy. She met Brandy’s brother afterwards, Ray J, did the name clicked anything? Oh yes, Ray J with whom she filmed that naughty sex tape that went viral. The Jenner also did not have oh so fancy lives.,Kendall Jenner had to walk dogs part of her first job.

Kardashians-The broken Family

The family is not so good at keeping up with their relationships and this has been proved at various levels. Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian were divorced that ended up splitting the family. Kim and Khloe remained with their mother whereas Robert and Kourtney opted to spend their childhood with their father-Robert.

Kardashian Broken Family

Kim’s marriage before the West

Yes, you got that right! Kim Kardashian was married before tying the knots with Kanye West. Kim had a short-lived marriage with the basketball player Kris Humphries and cost her $138,888 per day, that explains why all the eyes were on her and earned her publicity. And despite all the strange relationship with her ex-husband, her marriage with Kris remains the top-rated episodes of the season ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’.

Kim and Kris

Kourtney’s breast implants

The celebrity family plans some of the mind-blowing birthday gifts as well. Most of the people wish for obligatory gifts such as cakes, chocolates or sometimes something fancy like diamonds. But Kourtney Kardashian had some other plans in mind, she got her breast implants on her 22nd birthday as a gift from her family. We wonder what Kourtney got on her 21st birthday.


Kim’s Makeup Secret

Kim Kardashian is one of the most fashionable and beautiful women in the world ensuring her fame through the most popular TV Shows. She also has some exceptional beauty skills and it is not surprising to know that her secret lies taking beauty school classes. Oh yes! Kim Kardashian was sent to beauty school by her father when she was 14 years old to learn the skills of makeup.

Kim Make up

The beauty with Brains

Kourtney Dash Store

Kourtney is the most mature Kardashian in the family, which let towards the fame of their retail store, The Dash. Kourtney is the beauty with brains even though she failed two college courses. Do you wonder why? Because despite failing the courses she never gave up her education. She is the only Kardashian who attended a university with a degree in theatre arts!


Kim’s unparalleled Intelligence

Kim eBay storeAnother Kardashian who is really good with the numbers besides makeup is Kim Kardashian. Kim is not just a pretty face but someone who does not miss an opportunity for making some money. She used to sell her expensive handbags on eBay and still continues to do so for a significant return. Kim also sent fake photographs of her daughter to the friends for an attempt to sell those to the tabloids. Kim Kardashian did end up selling those pictures to the press now isn’t it intelligent? Even though we are not a celebrity we should learn some skills from here.


The cool skater boy

Before becoming the party animal and having a bad reputation due to it, Scott Disick was actually a skater. Surprising to know he even used to have long hairs and had half pipe in his garden.

The secret behind Kendall’s Name

Kendall’s full name is Kendall Nicole Jenner. It is in the honour of Jenner’s late best friend Nicole Brown Simpson who was OJ Simpson’s wife. OJ was accused of murdering Nicole, and Robert was his lawyer which was one of the reasons why Jenner ended up with her husband.Kendall Jenner

Kris & Bruce relationship

Despite the rumours that are spread between the relationship of Kris and Bruce they both undoubtedly loved each other. Kris knew this from the beginning on their first date when Bruce ordered meatloaf and mashed potatoes on their date.

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