Beauty is becoming more versatile nowadays. Now, you can easily change your look by wearing different makeup styles. Or by accentuating it with various shades of contact lenses. Be wary, however, that there are combinations you should follow to get a stunning look.

Not all makeup styles will suit all colours of contact lenses. Some makeup styles may work for certain hues. While some can also bring disaster to your appearance. To help out, here are the best makeup and dream colour contact lens combination ideas you should try. These will surely get you the elegant look you deserve.

Smokey Eyes for Blue-Colored Contacts Lenses

smokey eyes

Are you wearing blue-coloured contact lenses? Smokey eyes are the best make-up that will flawlessly complement your blue eyes. The fresh, dark shade of this style. This will make your eyes stand out without dulling them out. Nor washing them down like most dramatic and bright makeup choices do.

To make the fantastic smokey eye look for your blue eyes, simply. Blend shades of black and silver with some deep shade of navy or plum. Both together bring some colour and brightness to your appearance.

When doing the smokey eye look. Make sure to always begin with the lightest colours closest to the inner corner of your eye. By doing this, you can smoothly brighten your eyes. While gradually darkening the shades as you go to the outer ridges.

Blending is also crucial when creating this look. Make sure to swirl an eyeshadow blending brush in small circular motions across your eyelid. It will give your smokey eye look a seamless and smooth finish.

Warm It Up With Green-Colored Contact Lenses

If you opted to wear green-coloured contact lenses, warmer-tone faced makeups will be the best. Green eyes typically have warm undertones of brown or gold in them. This unique warmth is greatly accentuated or enhanced by bronzy makeup.

Matte bronzers go fantastic with green eyes. They are excellent at warming up your skin tone for a raw finish while maintaining the focus on your eyes. Brown, purple, or pinky blushes would also work great for green eyes. Providing a warm tone while making your eyes stand out.

Different Shades for Brown Colored-Contact Lenses

brown lens makeup

While a popular choice, brown-coloured contacts are actually more complicated than most imagine. There is an array of shades of brown eyes. Some makeup styles may work for some but not for the other shades of brown. With that, you can infuse different makeup styles depending on the tone of the contacts you chose. Whether it’s light, medium, or a darker brown.

Light brown eyes are best accentuated by light and warm colours, like the colour yellow. Bright or pale yellow eye makeup will enhance light brown eyes. As it boosts the gold undertones within them. If you are wearing medium brown lenses, choose brighter colours.

Some colours to try are blue and green, which uncovers the greenish undertone in brown eyes. Lastly, if you are wearing deep brown eyes that are nearly black, go ahead and wear darker eye makeup styles. Dark neutral look complements deeper shades of brown elegantly.

Classic Black Smokey Eyes for Hazel Colored-Contact Lenses

hazel lens

No one could ever go wrong with the classic black smokey eye. Its innate intensity will bring out the colour of any light-coloured eyes. With the sharp contrast it provides, your hazel eyes would be vivid and pop out elegantly.

To get the best classic black smokey look for your hazel eyes, make sure to prime your eyelids first. Then, use a neutral brown colour that would fit your skin below the brow bone to produce a smooth transition. Put the black eyeshadow to your eyelid in batches.

Gradually build the eyeshadow to meet the required intensity. Blend it out using a fluffy brush and apply an ample amount of product onto your lower lash line as well. Line your lash lines with black kohl and finish with mascara. Say hello to your stunning look with your hazel-coloured contact lenses.

Pink or Violet Makeup for Blue-Green Colored Contact Lenses

blue green lens makeup

Are you wearing blue-green coloured contact lenses? The colours blend greatly with any deeper shade of purple. You can produce a beautiful effect by infusing bolder or romantic hues of purple at the centre of your eyelid.

With extra warmth provided by the purple colour, it will help your eyes pop out by not being too loud. Try to avoid having a smoky effect and keep the eyeshadow limited to your eyelid for the best results.

However, if you are looking for a subtle look for your blue-green eyes, you can play with pink eye shadows. This feminine tone provides your blue-green eyes with a beautiful deeper look. If blended properly, it can look flawless and elegant. Swipe a bit of pink eyeshadow across your eye sockets and blend the monochromatic shade. The look will be bright, adding an ethereal and glamorous look.

Orange or Black and Silver for Gray-Colored Contact Lenses

Grey-coloured contact lenses elegantly stand out with orange tones. Such as copper, peach, neutral brown, salmon, bright orange, and melon. By choosing these colours, it will make the blue undertone from your grey eyes pop out. The given colours plus a touch of pale blue shimmer will draw attention to your eyes. If you want a more natural or softer look, choose coral shimmer instead of pale blue.

The combination of black and silver also goes excellent with grey-coloured contact lenses. Wearing a black smokey eye makeup can make your eyes pop out, especially if you have light grey eyes. Employ silver shadows as your highlights and add some extra sparkle if you are aiming for a part look. Light teal, pale pink and shimmery purple also work awesome. When they combine with a silver liner, it can also provide a dramatic look.

Wrapping Up

Make sure to follow these combination ideas to get a stunning look. Remember that not all makeup styles may work for all colours of contact lenses. But with the proper mix, you are ready to slay the day.

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