Do you know! A long-tail keyword is more critical than Short Tail Keyword for your blog, especially when you start working on low authority websites.

So let’s talk about this.

As a blogger, everyone wants to drive tremendous traffic on their website. And we all know that short-tail keywords only does that. But it’s not that easy to rank a short keyword on Search Engines.

So, for this reason, We need to discover long-tail keywords from a particular niche. But again, we need to know keyword research, which is very important to get the traffic on your blog/website.

What is the long-tail keyword?

A long Tail keyword is those keywords, which consists of three or more than three phrases. The best part of these phrases is that these are very particular keywords.

Take this as an example; If you are a manufacturer of the cricket bat. Suppose you are trying to rank your keywords like Best Bats, Cricket Bats, and Professional Bats. And you think that you can increase your business by ranking these keywords on top of search results.

Then I suppose you might be wrong, No doubt that you can increase your business by ranking these keywords because such keywords have massive traffic, and this will increase your sales.

But I want to tell you that you can not easily rank on these keywords. Already very high authority sites are ranking, and they have done so hard to reach on top.

Instead of targetting the above keywords, you can target long-tail keywords like Professional Cricket bats for Sale, English Willow Cricket bats for the leather ball, Best cricket bats for professionals Cricketers. Once you started working on these keywords, you have much chance to rank on these keywords.

Initially, working on long-tail keywords is one of the best SEO Techniques, and once you started ranking on any keywords on the search engine, it will help your site gain authority on Search Engines. And most of SEO agency use this technique to achieve their client’s goals.

Why Long Tail keyword is Important:

Well, this is a significant fact and hope everyone wants to know about this fact. There is no doubt that the Long-tail keyword has less search volume than short-tail keywords.

But there is more chance to rank such keywords, and the conversion will always be high in such type of keywords
Main reasons, why should you choose a Long-tail keyword?
I’m going to share some facts about the Long-tail keyword, which will make you more knowledgable.

Apart from these free Keyword Research Tool, there are few paid tools also available. These are very popular, and these have premium features, which is better than the free one.

  1. Less Bounce rate: Long-tail keywords are precise about their answer. So definitely, the bounce rate score will be in control.
  2. Specific: These types of keywords have exact answers so that the average page view will be higher.
  3. Easy to rank: These types of key phrases are easy to rank on search engines than short-tail keywords.
  4. Less Competition: Long-tail keyword has less competition, so there is a high chance to rank your keyword.

How to find the Long-tail Keyword:

Now you might agree with me that Long-tail keyword is vital for new blogs. And the next question in your mind is how to find the Long-tail keyword.
So there are a few best ways available to find the long-tail keyword related to your niche.

So let’s discuss those best ways.

1)Google Suggest:

Google Suggest is one of the best ways to find The need to do you is just entering the keyword in Google search and seeing the expected result.

(Note): No need to hit the “enter” button; see the suggested result.

2)Google Keyword Planner:

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool and provided by Google, and you need to have a Gmail account and signup with that account. You will find multiple keywords along with their search volume, competition, CPC, and many more.

Note: But this will not tell you the exact number, will show the relevant result.

3)Keyword Everywhere:

Keyword everywhere is a browser extension, which we need to add on our browser, it also helps to find the Search Volume, Competition, and idea about long-tail keywords. But this extension is paid since October 2019.

4)Get the Idea from LSI Keywords:

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing; This gives you the best Ideas to find the Long Tail Keyword for your article.

Sometimes when we enter the keyword on the google search box, to find the best result. But we do not get expecting results every time. In that scenario, you should check LSI Keywords

5)Uber Suggest: The Ultimate tool for new Bloggers

If you are a beginner and cant afford money in blogging, then this tool is for you. With the help of Ubersuggest, You can find long-tail keywords along with its searches.

Apart from Keywords, You can Analyze and audit your competitor’s website, like backlinks, traffic, and other features.

Apart from these free Keyword Research Tool, there are few paid tools also available. These are very popular, and these have premium features, which is better than the free one.

Note: If you have any query or suggestion about this article, Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comment box below. I will give a reply as soon as I see it.

Author: Usama Hashmi

Hey, I am Usama Hashmi a Digital Marketer, Seo, Content Writer & Content Marketer by passion or by Profession. I love to write on different topics don’t forget to leave a comment to stay in touch with me.

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