Bath Reno Gurus is a reliable and genuine kitchen cabinet refinishing companies in Toronto, Canada. We offer refinishing services at your place 24 hours a week. Our team is of professional experienced trained and authentic members. We perform refinishing services for bathroom tubs, kitchen, laundry or bathroom cabinets and tiles. As we only use high-quality material that does not cause any damage to your tiles, cabinets or bathroom.

What We Care About?

Your kitchen’s hygiene is our foremost priority. We set a meeting with our clients before we start the whole process and guide them. Controlled technical steps resurface all the chips, cracks, dirt and grime particles. We offer full bathroom renovations for shower doors, floor tiles, walls, bathtub installations.

Cabinets are considered as an essential part of your home whether they are kitchen cabinets, laundry cabinets or bathroom cabinets. In a very cold and freezing temperature of Canada, we can use cabinets for the storage of several putrefiable items.

Why Kitchen Refinishing Is Necessary?

By the time the lustre and original appearance of the cabinet’s surface reduces. Yet, a proper clearance of cabinets is required for storage purposes. That’s why your cabinets start looking old and faded.

Let’s think if your cabinets are not available for storage what will you do? But do not worry! Everything has a solution. We are always here to serve you in a workable way.

Kitchen cabinet refinishing is essential because they not only add beauty to your home. But also provide a safe area for the storage of several items.

Moreover, cabinets offer more storage area in less space. Sometimes, the items that you have stored gets a leak and leave a stain. This stain produces bad odour and looks unpleasant to the viewer.

Now you have two options: either to install new cabinets or to go for refinishing services. Installation of new cabinets always causes a burden on your pocket. But refinishing of cabinets is cheaper, exclusive and easy to manage the process. You can get measurable results in less time.

What Do We Offer?

Kitchen cabinet refinishing services in Toronto offer experienced and certified installation professionals for cabinet refinishing process.
During the process of kitchen cabinet refinishing process, all the stains are removed. We clean the surface of cabinets and prepare them for the priming step.

Our Process

In this step all the cracks or damage portions are repairs. In the final step, we paint all the exposed areas of cabinets like cabinet doors, drawers and face frames. To paint your cabinets is the most recommended procedure for cabinet refinishing. It is not only durable but also go with the colour scheme of your house.

Bath Reno Gurus trained staff members to ensure that all the handles and hinges will remain intact on their positions and protect them from any kind of paint’s stain. Trims are also painted like toe –kick mouldings and crown.

We also assure you about the safety of the procedure. Kitchen cabinet services in Toronto are concerned about the satisfaction of its customers. Always trust us for exceptional renovation services in your town.

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