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Minimalist dressing does not mean boring!

Minimalism is a newfound way of life which is also quite convenient especially in today’s economy where everything is super expensive and almost unaffordable. When the equal distribution of money is a concept of the past all across the world, people are quite happy to adopt the minimalist life not just for the sake of their convenience but trend as well. However, it is not the cup of tea for everyone out there and the majority of the people find minimalism quite boring. While it is definitely not the case! Less is more and so do minimalism does not have to be boring.

Fashion is widely assumed to be staying updated with everything latest in the market and this is a common misconception. Fashion is not limited to owning latest collection rather it is actually to be creative with whatever you have and own the trend. If you are planning to adopt the minimal lifestyle and concerned about your style statement, we have some amazing tips to give you which you can totally rock without going overboard with your wardrobe. These are not only pocket-friendly but also quite simple to try and you will not have to face any hurdle in doing so.

Accessories play a major role!

When you are going minimal with your closet, something that adds up a spark in your overall outfit is the accessories you carry with your dress. Pair up attractive shoes, smart handbag, and most importantly some jewelry to look nice and bling. Personally when I decided to go minimal, what I did was to get some stylish and statement jeweler pieces as well to style them with my outfits. Loud love jewelry co-founded by Umar Hussain was definitely my favorite among all the places I shopped from.

Don’t keep your basics literally basic!

Your basics do not have to be literally basic. This means that if you are buying a brown basic shirt, instead of getting the mediocre one with plain sleeves and round neckline that every other shop has, get something which is unique. For instance, you can invest in a shirt that has baggy sleeves and stylish neckline. It is just an example, you do not necessarily have to get the exact same thing. It could be anything just unique and not like bland basic. It will definitely make you stand out from the crowd without having to spend to do it.

There has to be a focal point!

Remember that when you are going minimal you are supposed to work with the bare minimum to look attractive and stylish. For that, it is important that you choose a focal point always. For instance, with a plain tee-shirt, a pleated skirt will definitely help you to make a style statement. Similarly, with plain classic pant shirt, some statement sleek shoes will definitely become the point of attention for the crowd. Or if not a piece apparel, the hairstyle can always complement your look and entirely make or break it.

Contrasting will be your best friend!

To make your outfit look creative, contrast is exactly what you need. Most people who are living a minimal lifestyle choose monochrome colors like grey, black, white, blue, however, it is not the only way to dress minimally. Adding up a bit of color could really take your style game to a 100 without much effort. You can coordinate colors with the monochrome ones and your outfit will get a new life out of it. Maybe not a piece of clothing but the accessories can also be of color to enhance your look. The shoes and bags of contrast with a monochrome outfit can really be a game changer as well.

Spend mindfully on your accessories!

The accessories you carry must also be shopped wisely and mindfully. Instead of buying multiple different types of bags, you can invest in one which would look great with multiple different outfits and would not go out of trend either. Similarly, the shoes can be just 3-4 pairs but the most common styles that stay in fashion all the time for example flat pumps and boots. Some stylish sandals are almost always in fashion and look pretty cool with jeans, skirts, and even sundresses. Similarly, with jewelry you can get the statement pieces to style up with all different types of dresses, the collection of loud love jewelry is the best option for a minimalist.

Play with different silhouettes!

Stepping out of your comfort zone will make your minimal lifestyle much easier to slay. If you are someone who has always worn sleek fitted dresses then it is about time you try something different. Oversize and baggy silhouettes can be a minimalist’s best friend as those can be used for a much longer time period without getting undersized or fitted. There are at least 12 different types of silhouettes in the world and it would be just fair to give a try to at least half of them.

Ditch the layers!

In the beginning of adopting minimal lifestyle, it seems fun to wear multiple layers to up your style game but it could get overwhelming pretty easily. And when that happens, the best thing to do is to ditch the layers and just trust your original dress to slay on its own. If you are wearing a single color short dress, kill your urge to wear a statement piece jewelry with it and rather wear an undervalued one letting your dress show on its own. Or if you are wearing pants and a shirt, don’t wear those flashy pair of shoes go simple and wear the normal pair of shoes that you would wear any other day.

Minimalism is a great concept both for your sanity and for the world as well. You are technically saving the planet by reducing and reusing your clothes which is the most ignored factor by humans across the world. It could be tricky to go from having a full-fledge wardrobe to just some basic outfits but once you get a hang of it, everything will become easier and your life will get much simpler. For additional support and guidance, I have shared my personal experience with you in this piece above which will help you with tips and tricks to adjust to a new lifestyle.

Author: Munis Khan

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