Instagram is one of the most used picture sharing social media platform with cool features. We love everything about this cool picture sharing app. It is also the most known app for creating social media trends worldwide.
But hey, we were talking about some great Instagram feature… What is that new feature?
Instagram which is now owned by Facebook rolled the emoji commenting feature on September 6, 2018. This new Instagram feature unrolled the new emoji comments feature for both Android and iOS users.
The app has made a lot of new feature announcement this year from API to a change in its algorithm to keep the feed relevant to the users. The app made the announcement of emoji comments on its official Twitter account.

Check the announcement made for the quick emoji comments below:

The emoji will only appear above the keyboard in the app. It has not unrolled the reaction feature for posts or when people share the #Instastory.
The Verge says that this feature was on the testing mode since May and after long thought the app finally released it. We love the quick emoji comments feature but Instagram should announce it on its official account.

The question is why the new Instagram feature is useful?

People in this app can react to comments with their favorite emoji without hovering back and forth. That is why for all the bloggers and businesses that have a business profile can manage and engage with their audience.
You do not have to waste your time in order to find the perfect emoji. If you are unable to see the emoji’s try installing the updates on Instagram now.
Let us know in the comments what do you think about this Instagram feature the app rolled out recently?
Do you find the Emoji feature Yay or Nay?

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