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How to Attract Clients on Instagram

There are several ways to make your business known online. But one thing that you cannot afford to do is advertise blindly on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. The best way to attract potential clients is to give them a reason to opt-in to your feed. Here are some tips that can help you do just that.

Put The Right Contact Info

It would help if you kept in mind that these social media pages are like websites that allow people to put their contact information. So when you go through the page, you need to make sure that the information that you have displayed is relevant to what your business is all about. Remember that prospective clients are not going to give you their email address just because you asked them. You have to provide them with something of value first before asking for their email addresses.

Create Specific Pages

One good tip is to create a page dedicated to your business on the social media site. For example, if your business deals with laptop accessories, you can create a page dedicated to that and other information regarding your business. This will help you get more traffic and also help you improve the brand identity over Instagram, which is very important.

Put Useful Links

It would also be a good idea to put links in your posts. This will let prospective clients know that they can contact you via those links. When you are trying to attract many clients to your page, you should try as much as possible to get those clients in contact with you. Make sure that you put inbound links on your posts. The search engines will also take note of this.

Use Instagram Business Account For Business

You should always try having an Instagram professional account for your business. This is one great way of getting clients. The major difference between an Instagram personal account vs a professional account is because there is a number of cool Instagram features that only a business account has.

You can post pictures and videos related to your company. For example, if you are from New York, you can post photos of the city. If you are from Hong Kong, you can post pictures of exciting landmarks there. You can Attract Many Instagram Followers if you have an Instagram account where people can see your latest photos and videos.

Post Great Photos

Use the photo-sharing service on the page, which allows people to share images with their followers. This is one sure way of attracting more clients. You can post your pictures with a link to your website at the back. Make sure that your website is updated so that people will be sure that they will find what they are looking for there. This is also another way of making sure that your clients will keep coming back to your page.

Author: Roohan Shah

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