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Effective SEO. What is it?

Some of us ask How Effective is SEO in Marketing? Is it worth to spend time in SEO or not? Let I solve this mystery with a simple case study.

As we already know that of the thing SEO, which is the backbone of online marketing. Most of the top digital marketers of the industry have emerged from the SEO background.

Then, later on, they grew up their name in other marketing domains such as Social Media, Inbound, Influencer, and Growth Hacking etc.

It’s a common thing that, when one discusses the SEO, answers come to minds are just hefty words, with annoying definitions, that no one can easily understand.

The definition we used to listen 10 years back, is still the same in 2018. Why such a misunderstanding? 

The reason is one-lined, it is all about one’s perception. If anyone considers SEO as ‘the way we get better rankings in the search (No matter how we’ll do this) is SEO’.

No! It’s not that. This is Old Fashioned, the terms and elaborations are totally changed now. The modern definition of SEO by top marketers is,

“All those efforts are made to make your site User-friendly, audience-friendly, Crawlers & spiders friendy (Bots), Search Engine Friendly and with brilliant and well-written content, is SEO. By doing most of these efforts, you will be getting higher ranks and visibility in the Search Results”.

I hope now you have a clear idea about what SEO really is.

So coming back to the first question, How Effective is your SEO?

Recipe of Effective SEO

So here I am sharing the simplest recipe for an effective SEO strategy:

  1. Great, Great Content (Remember, Content was the King, Is the King, & will always remain the King in the Kingdom Of SEO. Create, Curate, & Spread this great content by following best content marketing tips)
  2. Links (If Content is the King, then who is the Queen? Obviously the Links.)
  3. User Experience (Theme, Images, Colours, Attraction in your landing pages, Speed, Mobile Friendly Pages)
  4. On-page SEO (This is tied to the Content also. Use great titles, descriptions, catchy heading tags)
  5. The RankBrain. (According to Webmasters, Rank Brain is a Ranking Factor and highly important in SEO from October 2015)

Though SEO is a huge topic still, I am pointing out the 3 main factors to perform in making your SEO Effective.

Just Don’t Keep Doing It

As we said, things have changed, the world is revolutionized and everyone knows much more about online marketing than before.

So, if you say that SEO is all about getting better ranks, in any way you can get, you are actually non-professional. Such things are totally out of fashion in this age.

There are a lot of tools to tell you better insights about the competitors, rankings, keywords difficulty, and backlinks analysis and so on. So all you need is to work smart, not very hard.

So start thinking, and just don’t keep and keep doing what you are practicing for many years.

Keep doing SEO

Measure Your Goals

For Effective SEO, you need to do a brilliant kind of planning that no one can do!

We already discussed, there are lots of tools you can use without spending any penny (Some of them are not free also).

Perform a brief keyword research, use Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest and the most important, Google Search.  With this, you can get better insights about the best keywords to target, the right volume, the time needed to rank them, the competitors already ranking upon.

Don’t just go after the diamonds! Start collecting from silver, & brass.

I mean keywords. Start from low-volume, less-competitive type of keywords. These are also called the long-tail keywords.

This way, you can ensure someone how you will perform SEO, how much time will it take to rank, and what resources you will need to do this all.

SEO Goals

Audit and Reporting

Do a regular check of your efforts, in a very simple and smartest way.  Again, we have numerous online tools like Google Sheets for your daily reporting, backlinks, competitor’s links, keywords ranking sheet and lots of tasks can be simplified.

By using word Audit, it actually means the calculation of your performance, the rankings you achieve within an estimated time period of the SEO.  This is also helpful in is maintaining your on-page SEO strategy.

Whenever you perform some minor or major on page changes like Meta Title Optimization, or the addition of some Pop-ups or Call to actions, you can come back after some days and can check what improvements have made in the rankings or in the analytics.SEO Audit

In a Nutshell

So, the climax is within a short span of time, you can improve your SEO, and transform entire of your efforts into most effective planning. 

As we haven’t gone deeper into something technical, just we have discussed some crust and little things, but they are the building blocks of the most effective online marketing practices, recommended by the top professionals.

Author: Rohan Shah

I am Muhammad Roohan (AKA Rohan Shah) a Geek in Digital marketing, SEO, SEM, Social media, Content Marketing, Growth Hacking, Coding, AI, and Big Data. I love to seek every single opportunity to enhance my entrepreneurship skills and thirst for knowledge covering all domains in Information Technology.


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    1. Hello Mason, Nice to see your thoughts on my work and post. I heartily appreciate your suggestions in making link building a simple, and joyful journey for the digital marketers. Cheers!

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