How Fortnite Hit 15 Million Installs so Rapidly?

Fortnite is one of the popular games of Epic games. In a recent news in their blog post, they revealed that the game has hit 15 million installs on Android devices. Fortnite was launch on August 9th on selected devices. Within a short period of time, the game got liked by everyone and got over 15 million players. Epic games also revealed in its blog post the hurdles they had to face to shift their focus on Android.

Epic games company is reaping the rewards for its hard work for not only putting the game on Google Play store. The game is also available on their website which you can download as an APK file. The decision has helped the company to avoid giving the 30% fees to the Google play store. In its blog post, Epic games also thanked their partners for making it possible to launch the game.

The initial partners of the game were Samsung. Samsung sent their engineers worldwide to Epic Game’s offices. Through the mutual efforts of both the teams, Fortnite optimized its game performance. Google team also did their best. They sent their engineers to help them “identify key optimizations” in the game.

Challenges Faced By Epic Games

Epic games also revealed some of the challenges they faced in their blog post. One of the struggles was the memory and optimizing it while adding new features in the game.

Long before its release the game also got malware attack and here is what Epic games revealed in its blog post:

“So far, Epic has instigated action on 47 unauthorized “Fortnite for Android” websites. Many of which appear to be run by the same bad actors”.

What’s Next for Fortnite?

The Epic Game’s developers and engineers are working on optimizing its performance in various devices. The team is also working hard to resolve the compatibility issues. Epic Games are also working on Vulkan support to roll out Fortnite in other devices over time.

Beside all difficulties, Fortnite team made it to millions. It is a great milestone achieved by a game in the year 2018.

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