Cybersecurity specialists should be aware of the potential risks associated with weaknesses in data security. Which then results from insufficient authentication mechanisms of network users.

Cybercriminals are able to steal login credentials using many techniques, including phishing. So, the method of defense requires time, is accurate knowledge about threats and their evolution. As well as tactics of phishing scams used by cybercriminals. But, security measures in the cloud come to the rescue.

Cisco Firewall Experts point out the two most important challenges to data security and mechanisms that help:

Lack of Proper Supervision

Modern company networks consist of local infrastructure on the client-side and applications operating in the cloud model. It is worth remembering that to access company resources, many users use their own devices (BYOD).

This causes a situation where devices connect to the company network without the supervision of IT departments. This creates an open threat to the data security of the companies about their data and devices, both.

At the same time, besides employees, access to the network may be needed by external suppliers and business partners. Who usually must more limited access and should be separated from the employee base. Unfortunately, not all organizations apply restrictions to this group’s access and security policies.

The Cisco Duo Security security mechanism is not only two-factor authentication. But also an insight into the terminal devices. This provides secure access to both cloud applications. And also those operating on the client side – regardless of whether it is a corporate device or private.
By integrating with any cloud-based software, authentication enables secure access to:

  • Popular Office 365 family applications
  • CRM systems (e.g. Salesforce)
  • and cloud drives.

At the same time, thanks to the fact that it is based on the cloud itself. The Cisco Duo Security solution can be scaled as the company’s needs evolve. It is also possible to set strict rules for access to the company network. For the third parties (blocking access from the proxy, Tor network or location/areas that people use for their online privacy).

Stealing Login Details

According to the Verizon Data Breach Report. As many as 81% of user account hacking cases were associated with the fact that passwords were too weak or were stolen.

verizon data breach 2019

Thanks to access to the corporate network obtained in this way. Cybercriminals can try to get greater rights and penetrate other systems, servers or company applications. At the same time, going further, the attackers are trying to install malware programming on internal systems to get permanent and, worse, invisible access to the network.

stealing login details

Multi-Factor authentication is an effective tool against user identity theft. The attacker would need not only to get his login details but also to access his device to launch the attack. For proof of identity, Cisco Duo Security offers various methods of multi-factor authentication. Thus providing easy access to internal applications. Together with the AnyConnect VPN application, the solution provides solutions.

  • Duo Push
  • One-time passwords (OTP) verification via phone and token (both SMS and physical).

IT administrators have the option of running one or more authentication options. It is based on the current needs of users or the environment in which they operate.
Responding to the rapid evolution of IT environments.

“Cisco Duo Security provides an adequate level of protection for all users of the company’s network. Connecting to any application, using any device and from anywhere”,

Says Mateusz Pastewski, Cyber ​​Security Solutions Sales Manager at Cisco Polska. This is especially important in developing a multi-cloud environment. Also a hybrid, when IT teams are responsible for protecting hundreds or thousands of different network access points.

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