How To Deal With Office Politics?

Do you find yourself hiding behind the desk to avoid your colleagues and supervisor? Do you think that office politics is a dirty game that you can never play?

But here is the truth. Despite trying to avoid politics at your workplace and ignoring what is happening around you. You will fall into it. Office politics occurs due to different individuals, perceptions, and motives.

Each individual wants to look good in front of the boss hence the politics to always stay on top of the game. No matter how much-educated people work at your office or how they first appear, you will know that it is okay to have office politics. But not at the expense of getting fired or worse-your colleagues getting fired.

Dealing with office politics is like a mind game that you master with time and experience. If you are stuck in a political workplace then we are here to tell help you with these 5  simple tricks:

  • Ignorance is Not a Bliss
  • Have your own back
  • Be the Change You Want To See
  • Show empathy towards your coworkers
  • Do not shoot your daggers

Ignorance is Not a Bliss

Most people believe that ignoring what is happening between your employees is none of your business. This is not true if you want to keep yourself updated with what is happening around you.

office-ignoringRemember if you think that ignoring everyone will help you it will not. You will not develop essential skills to build relationships at your workplace and feel left out.

For example, you are working at a workplace dominated by the male population. You think ignoring everything that happens between your colleagues will help you get promoted. No! This way you are only doing wrong with yourself. You have to get involved, listen, and help your colleagues out when they need you.

Have your own back

When I started working from an early age and after facing politics at three workplaces. I have found the key to deal with politics. I always have my own back.


It does not mean you can not trust anyone in your workplace but know the limits of trusting. The office environment is competitive and everyone is working for their own motives.

Thus before telling everyone at your workplace about your personal and social life. Remember if you want to avoid future conflicts, do not.

Thus, the best strategy is to have your own back and will have everyone’s trust. You will progress and you will cope with the politics with this simple trick.

Be the Change You Want To See

People often complain that their office environment is not ideal to work and there is too much politics. I can not work in a political environment and so forth.

If you have answered yes and think the same then I will suggest trying to change your thinking. The world never works the way we want it to work be it your office, your home, or school.

If you change your thinking then you will start seeing the world from a different light. You will be more self-aware and feel happy no matter what your boss or workplace throws at you.  You can also adopt the best habits to stay healthy in the office.

Show empathy towards your coworkers

Office politics comes from bitterness towards each other and often leads to a severe form of backstabbing. Thus to get out of the loop, you have to look inside yourself. Be more empathetic towards your others but it does not mean you let people bully you. Know your limits and state when someone offends you.

Empathy-to-co-workersOften we do not tell what the co-worker said or did that upsets us. To avoid such situations, clear communication is key.

When you are empathetic towards others you understand that every situation does not just a reaction and you can forgive others. You will have more friends in this way and will never feel left out when you are in need of help.

Do not shoot your daggers

We all know a coworker who can not stop talking bullshit or have an eye for everything. What happens in the office, who comes in, what you say and what will be your reaction.

They are always judging you, calling you names, make comments, or try to annoy the hell out of you when you are working.

In all these situations sometimes it is okay to react back but most of the time you do not have to. Instead of shooting your daggers try to think about the whole situation and then react.

If you get too annoyed you can tell the person that you are stress. Tell them to stop with their “Crappy Attitude’. It is that simple. You have to draw your own boundaries to get respect from your colleagues.

We have discussed some of the ways to deal with dirty office politics. Let us know in the comments if you have faced similar situations and how did you cope with it?

Author: Sara Rehman

Hello. I am Sara Rehman, a digital marketer and a passionate blogger who shares her expertise on various topics from food to movies, entertainment, lifestyle and what not. Do not forget to review my work and leave a comment on my posts to stay in touch.

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