The main reason and intent to write this piece, to know why to learn Data Science? To answer this, first, know about how cool is data science.
Data science is no doubts a cool thing to learn. I must mention this before going further. Because I know that people consider data science as a rough subject.
Some people compare data science with statistics, some with mathematics. But I’m telling you, data science has statistics, analytics, business mathematics, coding & more.
So if you think you are tech-savvy, you could be a successful data scientist.

Why Should I Learn Data Science?

Yes, I am going to answer this. There are a thousand reasons to be a Data Scientist. But the main thing to tell you is that data scientist is among the highest-paid roles.
In a report by the University of Wisconsin, an entry-level data scientist makes an average of $95000 a year.
A mid-level Data Scientist can make around $126000 to $190000 per year.
And the experienced data scientist can make above $250000 per year.
That is awesome.
For anyone looking for a bright & white-collar job in future must think at least a hundred times to be data science.
So the answer is clear. Be a data scientist, to earn well, live well.
Now coming to the main thing, how one can start learning data science from the beginning. Since it is still not a very popular field in most of the countries. But the demand for data science professionals is rapidly increasing.
IBM predicted it in 2017 that the demand for data scientists is huge and will increase up to 28% by 2021. So, still, there is a time in 2021. If one is motivated and thrived to be a successful data science professional than this is the right time.

What You Need to do

You need to start now. The great thing is, you can learn data science online, without going to any college or campus. Yes, you may ask why online learning? So the answer is simple. It’s Easy, self-paced and faster way to learn. 
Here, I’m sharing the best online resources for learning data science from the beginning. In the next, I will also focus on the best data science certifications and courses also. So here is the list of best online resources to learn Data Science from Scratch:
  • Dataquest
  • DataCamp
  • EdX
  • Kaggle
  • Udacity
  • Udemy
  • Lynda
  • Pluralsight
  • KDNuggets
  • Coursera
  • Data Science Dojo
Let’s figure out each one of these, what they have got for you!


Dataquest comes first in our list. Why? Because this is the simplest and quickest resource to learn data science. The great thing about the Dataquest is it’s just like the Codeacademy. It offers online classes and practicals in a coding interface same as Codeacademy. The main learning essentials are Python language and Ruby. These both are the building blocks for data science learning.
Dataquest offers three different learning paths.
  • Data Analyst (Beginner)
  • Data Scientist (Beginner)
  • & Data Engineer (Intermediate)

As we already mentioned, data science is not a baby field. So there are different areas and pathways. But you should start from the easier one, such as Data Analyst course.

Learning at Dataquest is absolutely free of cost. Yet, if you want to get premium resources and exams you need to get a premium account that costs about $29 and $49. I think that’s not much cost for learning data science.


datacampLike Dataquest offered to learn in Python and Ruby only. DataCamp offers dynamic learning with more languages & databases such as SQL, Git & Shell.
There are about 9 different courses you can take to enhance your skills as a beginner. But there are 188+ courses that are not accessible by free learners. Premium users can access these learning materials and courses at $25 and $29.


No one can ignore this great online learning resource, the EdX. Like other dozens of studies and hundreds of courses, EdX also offers to learn in Data Science.
With more than 56 universities in the partner program. EdX gives you an opportunity to learn from MIT, Harvard, Columbia University & Microsoft. That is amazing news for bookworms!
If one wants to get learned by the instructors from these universities, EdX is the one and only place.


Kaggle is more than a learning platform. Its the whole ecosystem for Data Science and the largest community for the data science professionals in the world. Kaggle is a platform by Google and was founded in 2010. It provides domain knowledge & skills about Python & R. These are the two major languages in Data Science.
Along with Data science, Kaggle also emphasizes machine learning & deep learning. These are the plus skills which can make your resume better and also boost your career.


Udacity has emerged as a leading name in the online learning world. It provides a great learning experience in Data Science. Udacity is also in collaboration with organizations like Kaggle and IBM. This makes Udacity another great learning platform for Data Science. Udacity also offers world-class certifications and nano-degrees in different paths including:
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Analytics
  • and Predictive Analytics for businesses.
So, as we have discussed the top 5 online resources for data science learning. But, there are other many places where you can polish your skills in data science. Some other great resources for data science learning are:


More than 150 courses and tutorials by the world’s top professionals and experts. Udemy is a great place where you can learn Data Science in 11 different languages. Udemy also holds the big record of having 700000+ students enrolled in Data Science Courses.



It has been a pioneer in the online learning world. Lynda is an e-learning platform by LinkedIn. It offers 200+ courses in Big Data, Data Science and Data analytics.



It is a premium yet very fruitful learning resource for data science enthusiasts. Courses offered by Pluralsight are accredited and accepted by top professionals in the industry.



A platform for data science learning, community, news and blogs, webinars and jobs also. KDNuggets is a highly recommended and must visit the site for the data science students.



Coursera is a well-known resource for online learning in almost all domains. Yet is a great place to learn data science too. The best thing about Coursera is. It offers Certifications, Diplomas and Even Master Degrees from top universities and colleges. Such as Arizona State University, University of Illinois, University of London & Imperial College of London. Isn’t that exciting?


Data Science Dojo

Data Science Dojo is another great platform to learn and ace data science in a totally unique and innovative way. Their curriculum is to teach students the fundamental concepts and techniques (just like the other organizations on our list), but the approach of teaching is entirely different. Their curriculum is taught from a business perspective.


The enrolled students get admission to fast track Bootcamp organized in different parts of the world. Students attended the Bootcamp successfully, leave the Bootcamp with the ability to attack problems with the mindset (and skillset) of a data scientist. You don’t have to be a data scientist to think like one, as the result speaks for itself, and since then, Data Science Dojo has produced a number of valuable data science profiles since its inception. Check out their reviews on the following platforms:


Course Report:

What to do now?

Yes, this is the final thing one must ask us, or himself what should I do now?
Start learning Data science now! It is not too late yet. You can learn it at a fast pace if your mind is ready to dive into the sea of data. Like we mentioned it before, it is a great thing to learn and is also the great career to Earn!
So, don’t hesitate, & don’t panic. Think, Focus, Concentrate. If you want to be a Data Science Professional, make commitments & use these resources. I am sure these valuable courses can add up skills to land your first data science job within one year.
Once you have enough skill and qualifications, read out this comprehensive guidline ‘Hiring a great Data Scientist‘ by Toptal, one of the leading hiring and talent hunting platform. This guide will definitely guide you through the hiring process about data science professionals.
So, be thrived, and motivated!

Author: Roohan Shah

I am Muhammad Roohan (AKA Rohan Shah) a Geek in Digital marketing, SEO, SEM, Social media, Content Marketing, Growth Hacking, Coding, AI, and Big Data. I love to seek every single opportunity to enhance my entrepreneurship skills and thirst for knowledge covering all domains in Information Technology.


  1. Data Science is one of the fastest flourishing fields around the world with NOT SO MANY Data Scientists to do it. Learning Data Science or even beginning to do so can be daunting without the proper Guidance and structure.
    From Personal Experience, I undertook the Courses Available on the Coursera to Learn Python and Machine Learning. As a Result I became very proficient at Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms and Implementation, But I lacked one Important thing.
    Data Analytics.!
    Data Science and Data Analytics deals with the process of Extracting information from the data irrespective of unstructured it may be.
    Any good Data Scientist can tell you how important it is to tailor the data to make it usable for the Machine Learning Algorithms.
    I again looked over to the Coursera and EDX for help, but the courses offered were too abstract to gain anything Significant.
    Then I came Across the Blogs of Digital Defynd( )which took me step by step through the process of Data Science.

    As a Result I enrolled into their Introductory course Introduction to Data Science ( . Which I would say was the most intuitive hands on course on Data Science using Python. They also happen to be an amazing community aiming towards the propagation of Awareness and knowledge regarding Data Science

    I Strongly Recommend you to check it Out.

    1. Hello Kshitij Anand, Thank you for putting your 2 cents and knowledge into this article. I have visited the above-mentioned links, it is really a must-read piece of content for every data science enthusiast.

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