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7 Most Awkward Culture Shocks In America (USA) #5 Will Amaze You!

What Are Culture Shocks?

Culture shock could happen suddenly anywhere, and it can make your joyful situation even more difficult.

Realize that you will only feel different for a limited time period. By overcoming the culture shock, you will be capable to make the most of your participation in the United States of America.

You may have gone through different articles on the culture shock topics provided by the cheap essay writing services, which are very well written.

We are here will provide the information of 7 awful culture shocks in the USA.

7 Awful Culture Shocks in the USA

Many people have faced different kind of culture shocks in different places of United States. They have shared such type of experiences on various social sites to aware people.

Some of these culture shocks we are going to show you! Behold!

USA not only includes big cities

small cities in USA

If you think America is Big, and All cities are Big, you were wrong! This is the first culture shock you might observe when you step inside the US.

Not only big cities there are also many smaller cities in America, where the life moves in its own steps.

Then if going to the USA is a lifelong dream, there is one thing you should have to keep in mind.

America is not having all large and fluttering cities. There are smaller towns too, where the only enjoyment is only a dinner theater in the diner and a street called Main Street where a lot happens.

Public Transportation

public transport in america

Public transport is well associated in the cities but it is much uneven in the countryside.

Hence, getting from one place to another will need some thorough planning. However, short the distance is, if a person does not own a car in the US or cannot drive. Calling cab service is another option but they are much expensive.

Depending On Others

You might become dependent on other colleagues in your home country. These friendships are kind of important and supportive too.

However, if you spend the entire time with people from your home country, you would miss the participation of interacting with people from the U.S.A. and the other countries.

Medication Services

Medication is basically expensive in the US for those who are without insurance. Free or beneficent programs that are organized are few.

Hence, poor people face a lot of difficult situations in availing some medication options. Some engage themselves in pharmaceutical testing to get an opportunity at medical care.

Though, the emergency care is free and compulsory for all the residence in the USA.

Homeless People in USA

homeless in USA

As we told, this one is really shocking. America is the richest country in the world, but still there are thousands of homeless poor people in every state.

The variation in wealth and the responsive number of homeless people will make you feel shocked even after many years.

The fact that most of the people bare out their homeless fellows shocks you more. This is the strangest culture shock about the USA because it is the richest country with highest GDP in the world.

Source: Poverty Facts USA

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Seasonal changes

You can see shocking seasonal changes in the USA. As many cities in the USA having heavy snowfall in winters which could be a much depressing season, as the sky seems to be grey and the Earth turns white.

The season of spring and autumn are then looking an absolutely diverging story generally, it becomes a row of colors.

Security of People

In the U.S. people is much singular about safety. There is the rule that no hanging from bus doors and moving on the foot-board of a train. The days of adventure on the driving are might be over. People in the U.S. also have to need permission to light fireworks in the festivals.

So, these were the 7 awful cultural shocks in the USA which have been faced by many visitors from different countries. You can also experience new cultural shocks and share it with your friends!

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