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We take pride to publish fresh ideas and content on the topics that matter to the world.

We enjoy staying connected with the collaborators and develop partnership opportunities with you.

If you wish to submit any feedback, want to ask a question or Send your collaborations, Press Releases at editorial[@]theideators.co


Do you wish to write for us?

Contribute as a writer at The Ideators! We Will Be Happy To See Your Ideas!

We are always searching for great writers to develop fresh and engaging content for us. Join our fastest growing platform and get your ideas shared with everyone!

Guidelines for Writing On The Ideators!

In order to contribute as a writer and get your work published, read the following rules:

  1. The ‘Subject’ should be clearly mentioned in your submitted article.
  2. The piece of writing should be original, plagiarized articles are strictly not allowed.
  3. The article should contain at least 3 images and 1 Feature Image.
  4. The word count should be minimum 700. Below this word count, the articles will not be accepted.
  5. Use many headings and create short paragraphs.
  6. Keep your sentences short and powerful.
  7. Consider adding catchy subheadings and bullet points to engage with the readers.
  8. Incorporate only relevant links in the article. We insist to add links from the most informative resources.
  9. Review your work before submission (At Least 2 Times).
  10. Give a short description of yourself (max 50words) along with your social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

If you approve of these guidelines set by us then submit your editorial[@]theideators.co

We will get back to you within 3-5 Days! And if your content fits all the above-mentioned requirements, we will not wait for a moment to publish it!