Why Comfort is the Enemy of Your Progress? Proven Tips!

What’s Stopping You From not Getting Successful? Yes, It Is Your Comfort Zone!

Comfort Zone! Yes.
What are they? They are your beds, your homes. Your shelters your hide spots. Your friends or maybe your family. Everything that makes you think and stops from taking a major step towards your success is your Comfort Zone.
Even though comfort means you know what you are doing. But to feel better in life and experience life, you wish you tried something different.
For example, talking to a stranger. Taking pictures with a celebrity, opening your own business and so forth.
Getting out of your way and doing something is often felt dreadful and you felt like not moving. We are here to tell you that comfort is the enemy that you should avoid to progress in life and how can you beat it.

Remember “No One Will Save You”

Life has a way of testing your patience. And you often have to plunge into the deep waters to know the depths of your strength.
All these things can not happen if you are stuck in your thinking that someone will hand over a boat to you. You think a stranger will come and take you from the shore to the other side of the ocean.
If you think people will lend you a hand when you are gonna stuck in your comfort zone your whole life.

You Keep Doing Same Things & Want Different Results

The Comfort zone is a growth killer! Because you want to get different results while keep doing the same things over & over again.
You might be watching or reading a lot of motivational books like Jack Ma, Richard Branson, Dan Lok. But until or unless you start making changes in your life you will never be able to get different results.

You Condition Yourself to Stay Stuck

A Comfort zone is a process of conditioning yourself to stay stuck. When you condition yourself to stay at the same place then you settle. You settle for anything in your life and never experience your own potential.
People who live miserable lives often wish on their deathbed that they should have tried harder. They also believe that what if they did something different. So do not be afraid to do something different today.

You Fear the Change

People who give up always stay fixated that change is risky and thus think that we should avoid it.
Remember any entrepreneur or a person never become successful by staying in their comfort zones.
As Jm Storm pointed out “ When life hands you lemons, you build a lemonade stand and you sell that shit by the gallon”.

But How to Beat the Comfort Zone?

Most of the time we condition our brains that whenever we see something new happen. We get an anxiety attack. Our brains go overboard and we start overthinking little things too much. In this situation, don’t get anxious. Try to overcome your anxiety.
But if we learn how to control our anxiety we will not let our brains control us. We are not asking you to jump straight into the ocean without knowing how to swim because that would be silly.
What we are asking is to take calculated risks and expand your horizons. Because everything you ever dreamed of is always at another side of your comfort zone.
Here is how you can learn how to swim out of your comfort zone like a pro-swimmer:

Take one step at a time

Yes, we understand that you want to change a lot of things in your life. You also want to break free from the fear of life itself. From waking up early to making billions and get successful.
But if you try to do everything at once you might never learn and move from your comfort zone. Take one step at a time and change one habit at a time or a new skill at a time. Once you master that move on to another.

Trust your gut feeling & be quick

Life gives you opportunities in some expected ways and if you do not act at the right time you miss it. Thus learn to trust your gut feeling and trust in your decisions. When you learn to honor and trust yourself amazing things happen and you take ownership.
It is not necessary to always think about everything and do not be spontaneous. Be spontaneous such as calling a friend back, texting someone, or hanging out with friends. Often joy when we do not plan things up ahead of time and enjoy the moment.

Make Different Choices

You sometimes dread not talking to a stranger, or trying a new restaurant, or buy books to start reading. But how to do these simple things?
Well by making the choice and do it. Make a goal that something new this week or this month I will hang out in this new restaurant. It does not matter if you make a small or huge change but what you will feel.
You will feel much better after each goal in life and that is your personal achievement.

End Point

We have only pointed out a few tricks to step out of your comfort and live a happy life. If you think you have beat the enemy of the comfort zone, do not forget to tell us how you did it in the comments below.

Author: Sara Rehman

Hello. I am Sara Rehman, a digital marketer and a passionate blogger who shares her expertise on various topics from food to movies, entertainment, lifestyle and what not. Do not forget to review my work and leave a comment on my posts to stay in touch.

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