How Iron Man teaches you some great business lessons?

Iron Man the man behind the success of the ‘Stark Industries’ in the movie was portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.

Iron Man is not just a man with superhero skills but a person with a ‘super’ career as well. There are few great business lessons we all should consider, whether we are starting an online business, or have planned to do in the future, or aspire to:

Stay Determined to Your Goal

In business, this is your first business lesson to learn.

No matter how many hurdles tony stark went-from getting abducted to getting dumped. He never backed down from his ultimate goal that is saving the world and working for the people.

He lost control of his suit, everyone got against him, poisoned and what not but he knew he was working for the greater good. So Yes! Stark came to the rescue even after the deep depression and isolation phase.

iron man setting goals

Starting a business is not a piece of cake and there are piles of ups and downs on the way. If you get a chance to still stay afloat even after all the failures in the business then congratulations my friend!

You have hit the home run and you will be successful in the long run. Just know nothing can stop you from achieving your business goals.

Leadership is self-awareness

Tony Stark is not a superhero with a fancy car, girlfriends and expensive things. (Forget about the cars, his car collection is amazing). He was being truthful about himself. His personality was raw and he does not care what anyone thinks about it. That is what a leader is about.

The second business lesson is Knowing about oneself and leading the people. A leader knows what is strengths and weakness are. Stark was well aware of it that is why he handed over his company to the assistant Ms. Pepper Potts.

self awareness

Tony did not try to be the best superhero, he kept being himself even after all the fame. That is why we absolutely love him.

Leadership is all about being self-awareness of your capabilities and working on them to improve. Being a leader of your company, you know it inside out and you should work on it to take it to the greatest heights.

Take Responsibility for Your Decisions

One of the important traits of Iron Man was that he was fierce in taking decisions and take responsibility for the consequences of his decisions. He did not spin his words or told the half-truths when he knew he needs to shut down Stark Industries he said it straightforwardly in front of the press.

Stark took responsibility afterward of his decision and face the crowd with his best friend fighting him and people turning their backs when he needs them the most.

This is the toughest, yet great business lesson. Being a business owner you can not put your work on others and play the blame games. You have to be 100% present and working for the success of your business.

That means taking the toughest decisions of hiring the right candidate to fire the people when it is necessary. Blaming employees and not facing the battle with them, only leads towards business shut down and massive failures.

Keep Improving

We all have heard the famous statement by some dude ‘Nobody is perfect’, well I agree but this is half true as well and just an excuse to hide behind our failures. It should be ‘Nobody is perfect but one should not stop getting to it’.

business lessons from Iron Man

Perfection is only achieving by a multitude of failures and that is what Tony Stark showed as Iron Man. He failed a lot of times to find the cure of the arc reactor and improved his armor with time by studying and experimenting continuously.

Businesses are not easy to run and it sometimes it takes thinking out of the box to give your customers the answers to their needs. In Order to be the number 1 in the game, you have to keep improving your process and experimenting just like Tony Stark did.

Believing in Your Team

Tony Stark success lies in working with the people whom he believed and can rely on even if the whole world was against him. He knew a few of his friends including Pepper Potts will not leave him in his tough times.


That is also the major reasons why Tony Stark without a second thought handed over the company to Pepper. He believed in her and her abilities to work for the betterment of Stark Industries.

It is not necessary to find the people who always agree with what you say and the team who blindly follows you.  

In order to successfully run a business, you have to work with such people who believe in your decisions and vision. Then they work with you to achieve the vision you have.

It is almost impossible to have like-minded people as employees of your company. But how to work effectively with them is what matters more.

Remember, the Superheroes are not just a character. They are a complete success story. They teach us some of the great business lessons, and skills that no other can.

So, whenever you are busy watching some movie. Look for the intent and message behind their every action, and decision.

What other business lessons you think like a business owner we can learn from Tony Stark?

Author: Roohan Shah

I am Muhammad Roohan (AKA Rohan Shah) a Geek in Digital marketing, SEO, SEM, Social media, Content Marketing, Growth Hacking, Coding, AI, and Big Data. I love to seek every single opportunity to enhance my entrepreneurship skills and thirst for knowledge covering all domains in Information Technology.


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