Going to the gym and staying fit is a conscious effort. As most people do not find the time or energy for it. Health should always be the top priority and we should walk the extra mile to stay fit. But in the era of tech, and automation, some great health and fitness app may help a lot.
If you still find yourself struggling to go to the gym then read about these 10 best health and fitness apps. You can download them all from play store or app store to keep yourself on track.


If you want to track each part of your day from sleeping, exercise, food, weight. Then this is the app you want to download straight away. It is also one of the most downloaded health and fitness app with 10 Million installs on Play Store.
The app keeps you motivated, stay on track and makes your moment counts. Another feature of Fitbit is that it has its own tracker technology which was first launched in 2007. You can track, sync, measure your progress and achieve your goals and get fit your way.
Available: iOS and Android


Looking for a customized fitness experience with audio-based instruction? Aaptiv is such a health and fitness app that you should go for.
Aaptiv acts as a personal trainer. A trainer with an unlimited amount of personal training videos and programs. The best part is you can choose the workout based on your music. Then put those headphones on to hop on the fitness journey.
Available: iOS and Android


Do you want to start exercising and stop thinking? Then go for the Sworkit fitness app. Sworkit is a popular health and fitness app with over 25 million users worldwide. It contains video sessions that you can do by staying at home and works according to your needs.
The exercises vary from 7 min workouts, full body, 5-minute abs, daily stretches. And there is much more than that. The app is free for the first one month and you can choose the plan afterwards.
Available: iPhone and iPad, Android, Web Browser, Apple TV


If you are in the advanced level of your workout and want to have high-intensity fitness, then check Keelo. The app contains workout videos planned according to your needs and you can easily do these all at home.
It also shows the heat map unlike other apps for the areas you need to work on. The calories you have burned and tips optimized for you. The workouts are fast-paced and vary from 8 to 20 minutes to help you stay fit and give results within 3 weeks.   
Available: iOS and Android

MyFitness Pal

The MyFitness Pal is an app that helps you track the calories you intake and helps you lose weight. We all have smartphones in our hands but keeping track of fitness with a click away is a miracle. The app contains 5 million food database. It helps you to know how many calories you are in taking and burn it accordingly.
Available: Android


Not just a health and fitness app, it is a complete meditation solution. Especially, if you want to start a meditation and mindfulness journey. Headspace has all to keep your thoughts in check. The app contains topics, features & animations to keep yourself hooked to mediation journey. Headspace also has the meditation for sleep, anxiety, focus, stress, & work. It lets you get a control over our lives and better attention span.
Available: iOS and Android

One You Couch to 5k

With an unusual name unlike other apps, One You Couch to 5K is unique. It helps you run or walk on your feet and lose the couch potato thinking. The app is built with a choice of 5 trainers. The trainers guide you through the process whether you have to run or walk to stay fit and healthy. And It includes a countdown timer & rating experience before start & end of each session. So If you want to stop being a couch potato and keep your feet on the ground then try this health and fitness app now.
Available: iOS and Android


Runtastic have a series of apps help you track your running route. The app has some other cool features such as built-in music player. It also tracks the steps you take regardless of whether you are walking, jogging or running. So get on your feet and watch your progress along the way with the help of the Runtastic health and fitness app.
Available: iOS and Android

Yoga Studio: Mind & Body

The app works wonders for anyone who wants to start a yoga routine and do not know how. The app has HD videos that feature yoga instructors and more than 50 yoga sessions. You can check the library for various yoga poses and based on your level can hand pick each session. Personalization is a good feature of this yoga app as it helps you track your movements.
Available: iOS and Android

My plate by LiveStrong

It is a food tracking app which helps you track the food you are eating in a day. MyPlate, have various meal courses plan that you can try and cook for yourself. The app is optimized according to your body weight and weight goals. It also gives you extra features such as exercise to follow along with the meal plan.

In Summary, these are the best health and fitness apps that are helping millions of people get fit and stay active.

Have you already tried any of these? Share your views and don’t forget to share this article with your friends. Stay tuned!

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