Best Career Choices for Design Students 2021

Designing is an awesome thing to do. But learning how to design is more exciting and interesting. If you are in your young, and not about what to be in future, designing is a great career choice. It’s about fun and creativity.

Yep, you are funny, and yet cool and creative. But what needs to be a designer is to mix up these three. This is an incredible recipe for a designer. If you fulfil this recipe, you can choose the design for your career.

Learning design is also not difficult. If you have this recipe, you can start your learning today. You can learn it in school, or some academy or in the college for advanced studies. Design can also be learned at various online learning sites where thousands of latest resources are available within the distance of some clicks!

What Does A Designer do?

Still now, in 2021 people are not aware much of the design industry. The concept of traditional designs is still common in one’s mindset.what-does-designer-do

People think that a designer is one who designs the magazine, create banners and billboard ads and something like theseIn other words, the designer’s job is a piece of cake. And yet it’s an easy and simple thing to do. That’s not we’re saying but the people say!

But they don’t know, how tiresome is a designer’s life. It takes hours, sometimes weeks, in crafting great designs. It also takes some seconds to ruin a complete design. A little mistake of a dot, or colour, or the idea can be great trouble. Like, some of the best known weirdest logos and TV commercials.

But design is more than these stereotype stories or concepts. The design is a huge industry. It’s a complete world.

Gone are the days when the term ‘Graphics Designer’ was used for the man who actually designs. Now with the increasing diversity in the design world, there are dozens of titles for designers.

What are the best career options for designers?

So let’s talk about the best career choices for the design students. What you can become and explore in the design industry.

The best career choices or options for design students are:

    • Creative Designer
    • User Interface & Experience UI/UX Designer
    • Multimedia Artist / Animation Designer
    • Interior Designer and Architect
    • Infographic Designer
    • Game Designer
    • Logo and Brand Identity Designer

Creative Designer


You may have heard about creative designers if not, it is the latest title for the ‘graphics designers’. Creative design is the same old field with some revamps. The design industry relies on and grows on the basis of creativity.

If you’re creative and can evolve breakthrough ideas, you’re a natural creative designer. Creative design is the largest domain in the design industry. Anything, where creativity is the key, creative designers are needed. Either it’s banner or advertisements, logos, flyers or social media.

The average salaries may vary from $49000 to $72000 according to Glassdoor. So yes, it’s a great choice to be a creative designer.

UI/UX Designer


If you are excited to be a designer plus a developer, then this is the right path for you. A UI/UX designer is one who is in regular collaboration with developers. It’s about making artistic websites, user interfaces, and apps designs. Those designs and experiences we see in the apps like Facebook, Uber are the efforts of UI/UX designers.

The best thing about this career is, they make much higher money than other design fields. Like an entry-level, UI/UX designer can make up to $80928 per year. The experienced one can make much higher than this.

Multimedia Artist / Animation Designer


This is the other most exciting but most difficult design career choice. This is also the fastest and most in-demand skill. Multimedia artist and animation designers work in animations, advertisements, cartoons, and movies. It is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Yet the animation designers make the most handsome money. But once you’re associated with some great company or film industry. On payscale, it starts at $63871 and may go up to $234781 per year.

Interior Designer and Architect


An interior designer is one who has his minds packed with brilliant ideas. The ideas to transform your spaces into rooms, shops, showrooms, malls, bungalows. Not only small places but villas, hotels, cinemas, and skyscraper buildings. Yes, this little mind of an interior designer can think and design up to a 100 story skyscraper.

Talking about the salary, things are different. In the US, the average pay scales are from $35779 to $49477. That doesn’t sound good?

But, in most of the countries, they are not paid well. So there is the second and the best thing to do is the freelancing or having their own design agency. By this, they can make a very handsome amount. Thus, this is the super exciting path for one with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Archideators, an interior design and architect firm founded by young design graduates just after their convocation ceremonies. So, being an interior is like opening a doorway to business opportunities.

Infographic Designer


The infographic designer is not just a designer. He is a great thinker, artist, and a storyteller. An infographic designer packs up a large piece of information into a detailed image. What he needs to do, is to think a lot for a single design. Sometimes hours, or days or even weeks. An infographic takes time to design, but when one sees it, amazed to see the design. Have a look at an example:


In most cases, infographic designers don’t work as an individual. They work as a creative designer who is skilful to design infographics as well. So the average pay scales are not sure. But one thing. Being an infographic designer can make your resume effective and strong. By this, you stand tall in the competition.

Game Designer


Everyone plays games. And those are the hardcore games know the importance of Game graphics. Such graphics are the creative works and efforts of the Game Designers. Still, there is confusion about the game industry. But to clear that, the game industry is another multi-billion dollar space.

Here is an example of the revolution in the game design industry. The old game graphics vs modern games graphics.


In recent, an android game Fortnite hit 15 Million downloads within a few weeks. This is not a single example. Some games are highly anticipated and may cross the billion-dollar business across the globe. Thus choosing to be a Game Designer is another great career choice in the design world.

When it comes to the pay scale, the game designers don’t come slow. Yes, they are also among the highest-paid skills due to the rising growth of the game industry. The data from Glassdoor shows, that a mid-level game designer makes $56000 to $112000 per year. That’s the attractive pay, isn’t it?

Branding & Logo Designer


Not all designers are just designers. Some are business thinkers. Such are branding and logo designers. They have a strong sense of business presentation. So they fill up their designs with business intelligence. Designing a logo is not as it seems. Sometimes, we get some weird logo designs that may cause chaos in the business.

Logo designers don’t make huge money on jobs. Their average salaries are $48700 in the USA by 2017. But the interesting part is, they can make great money doing freelance and gigs. There are tons of online sites where designers can prove their skills to get valuable clients.

Let’s sum up!

After going through this guide, you are aware of choosing the design industry. You know you are fit to be a designer or not. You have also uncovered the main domains of the design industry and know which one is good for you. So it’s time to start. We will be sharing some of the best places to learn to design online. Stay tuned!

Author: Roohan Shah

I am Muhammad Roohan (AKA Rohan Shah) a Geek in Digital marketing, SEO, SEM, Social media, Content Marketing, Growth Hacking, Coding, AI, and Big Data. I love to seek every single opportunity to enhance my entrepreneurship skills and thirst for knowledge covering all domains in Information Technology.

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