Why Being Single in Your Early 20’s is Awesome!

Why Staying Single Is Amazing in the 20s?

Do you know the feeling of opening your Facebook timeline and Pop, marriage pictures? Instagram stories of couples enjoying romantic moments? And you want to go off the social media grid to enjoy being single?
Yes, same. Society often tells us that being single is a disease that you should get rid of in your early 20’s. It is actually not.
I will give simple reasons why you should stay single in your early 20’s and why is it an awesome experience for you?

Let’s dig into single-hood

In today’s world staying single take an equal amount of time and effort as when you become committed.
But being single means you are focusing on your well being. Be committed to your own self and do not care what anyone thinks about it. You are in the phase of exploring yourself and giving yourself the attention you deserve.
When you stay single you focus your energy on yourself. You are no longer driving all your affections and love to another human being.
Spoiler Alert: Who may not even care for you one to two years down the lane. Do not get caught up in the roller coaster ride of love until or unless you know how to love yourself enough.

Reason #1 You are Self Exploring

In your 20’s you are in the self-exploratory phase. You do not have a job. Recently you graduated from a college or university and you do not know what your future holds.
Sometimes you feel frustrated, depressed, or somewhat stuck in your situation. Then there is another human being in your life who deserves your time and attention. But you can not give your time to them because you have larger ambitions in your life.
Thus it is better to let them go rather than be half present during the time they need you the most. Remember, the most precious of all commodities in the world is your time. Rather than spending your time on the wrong people, you should learn to let go when things are no longer working out.

Reason #2 Freedom From Relying on Others

When you are single you are free from your partner’s opinions. They no longer control how you should dress, talk, sit, or whom you should be friends with. That’s not loving that is toxicity and narcissism. We often mistake that caring means control another person but in reality, it’s quite the opposite.
If you care for someone give them freedom. And personal space that a normal human requires to function. It is not you to give and if someone has given you the space in their life then cherish it.
If you know how to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself. Then you can make your partner, spouse happy as well. Well, that is a topic for another time.

Reason # 3 You are Learning to Self-love

Staying single gives you wings that you must get to love yourself first and then to another human being. Loving yourself helps you become a better version of yourself. And when you love yourself enough, you can pour that love onto others as well. Because remember you can not pour from an empty cup.


If you want to be awesome then stay single to explore yourself enough in your early 20’s and even in your later 20’s. Because commitment is like a skill that you can not master until or unless you devote yourself to it.

Author: Sara Rehman

Hello. I am Sara Rehman, a digital marketer and a passionate blogger who shares her expertise on various topics from food to movies, entertainment, lifestyle and what not. Do not forget to review my work and leave a comment on my posts to stay in touch.


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