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We see successful people all around us. And even hear it many times that behind every success there are strings of failures attached to it.
You can see a lot of successful people around you. For example, Neil Patel, Richard Branson. And when you see yourself in the mirror you feel like you are failing in life.
richard-branson-quotes-theideators.coBut, the sad truth is. All these great people who we aspire to become went through the road of failure in their lives. No one talks about how many times they have failed to achieve success. But they do boast about how they have been successful once. Yes, we all do it that is our inborn nature.
For every person out there the meaning of success is different. For some, it would be going out to a party. Or buy a video game, landing in a job or company, opening up a restaurant and the list goes on.
Robert T.Kiyosaki said Winners are not afraid of losing. But Losers are. Failure is part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success’.
Let me give you an example of how true the above statement holds. I remember my university days when I used to worry a lot about whether I would get a job. I went for countless interview sessions where people used to stare at me from head to toe, Why?
Because I was a student back then coming from a university which they never heard of. I had zero work experience, and a whole lot of determination to become independent.

Keep Doing!

Finally, after going through tons of failing interviews, I landed up in a job while studying. For me, it was the happiest day of my life when I received an offer letter in my hand. I felt like Miss Universe (not with the crown though but with a Job)! Little did I know the journey did not stop there, one success did not mean anything. I was heading towards the journey of endless failures for the years to come.
At an early stage, I learned that failures and rejection are part of your life. Successful people did not become successful overnight. Successful people are willing to fail over and over again. The truth is a lot of the people are not willing to go through the rough patch or failure to achieve what they want in life. People want to get everything in life without doing anything for it.
failures-to-success-theideators.coYes, I agree that failure is a tremendous blow to the ego and it hurts a lot. But failure teaches us to be strong, to fight and to refocus our energy. Failure might shake up the confidence and you might even end up worrying a lot. Besides, let me tell you once you know how to overcome the failure, you are going places.
You will find opportunities and gradually learn to take more risks in life… Eloise Ristad says that. ‘When we give ourselves permission to fail. At the same time, give ourselves permission to excel’.

The Journey Continues!

After graduation, I wanted to switch and thought that now I deserve a better job. Because now I am a marketing graduate, after all, I hold a “degree”. In the fear of being jobless as a graduate, I went for an academic writing position.
Another blow to my ego because I was trying too hard to get a job in the multinational firm. But God has some other plans for me. During those few months, I learned my lesson that fear of failure has its own consequences.
After four months, I took a huge risk and soon switched from the academic writing job. I moved towards a social media manager position. This was a success for me because I hard to get it. I went through four years of hardship. Moments of countless rejections from the firms and self-doubts.
The failures finally paid off and opened doors of opportunities for me. Napoleon Hill stated that ‘Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit’.

In A Nutshell

Thus yes, the truth is that every success has a string of failures attached to it. Remember, Fear of failure is a motivator and opens the pool of opportunities for you. Never be afraid of failing and if you fail do not be so hard on yourself. It is not the end of your journey, it has only started.
You have a whole life to live. So, you do not have to be afraid of failures, once you welcome failure in your life you will learn. Never give up and try even harder after you fail. You will see that this thinking will help you both in your career and in personal life. As Winston Churchill said ‘Success is not final. Failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts’.

Have you ever faced such situations in your life? Share your thoughts and experiences without hesitation!

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