Do you feel that your office colleagues have become hostile towards you?

Do you find yourself in a position where no one agrees to you even when you are right?

Then you might be involved in these bad habits that are pushing colleagues away from you. You may not realize it but manners are a depiction of the personality and directly affects the person’s growth in the company.

Since you are at the stage of non-realization we came up with a list of few manners that is holding colleagues back from you and making you look unprofessional.

The manners of Interrupting

office-interruptRespect is a two-way street and you have to be considerate of what your colleagues want to discuss with you.

If you have a lot of opinions on each and everything that goes inside the office you are going to be avoided by people.

If you keep on interrupting people during the conversation and do not care what anyone has to say then you have to quit this extremely bad habit in the office.


Hygiene tells a lot about personality and colleagues notice it well enough too. After all, you are spending half of your life in the office why not spending it while looking good?

If you are having a bad odor or bad breath your colleagues are very much likely to not talk to you even when an important discussion comes.

I have experienced it myself when your colleague is not aware of how they are smelling and I have to avoid them all day. So take care of your hygiene first before heading towards the office.

Always ‘Late’


Bosses and not even the colleagues like an employee who is always late. The offices worldwide have transformed and became more flexible but no one likes a latecomer.

We all have been through it where we struggle to wake up in the morning and find no motivation whatsoever to get up from the bed.

If you do not want to go to the office at all, then you have to consider evaluating your workplace and start to make lifestyle improvements.

Bragging about Yourself

I have found myself working with people who continuously brag about themselves, their lifestyle, their friends and seems to show they are the masters. The most annoying and bad habit is going on and on about what you have done for the company or for another colleague.

STOP, if you are one of those colleagues who annoys everyone with this bad habit at the workplace.



Are you the person who keeps an eye on everything and everyone? You look at every movement from the corner of your eyes and think no one’s looking? You are wrong.

Nosiness either in your colleague’s personal matters or at the workplace makes colleagues distant from you. Do not stick into the office matters in which you have no concern.

Oversharing personal life

gossip in office

Until or unless you have an environment of a family at the workplace and you have a friendly relationship with your colleagues do not ‘overshare’ every single detail of your personal life.

If people share their personal life that means they trust you but if you or some of your colleague it to waste time then you are heading towards annoying everyone out. Some people do not care about your personal life and have no interest to hear why your girlfriend or boyfriend left you.

Being the ‘Know It All’

know-it-allThere is a fine line between having the knowledge and bragging about your abilities without moving a muscle in the office.

If you are one of these people who only talks and talks and does nothing to help your colleagues eventually people will start avoiding you.

It is completely okay to not know something and learn new things in the office.

Do not always say ‘You know everything’ and avoid showing that to your colleagues.

Being on the call, all the time

Whenever someone walks into your cubicle and you are on the call with your family or friends then this is a huge turn-off. Receive only necessary and work related calls if you have to. I have seen my colleagues who use the office telephone for personal calls and whenever the boss walks in they excuse themselves because they are ‘On call’. Avoid being such a colleague and try to minimize the calls you make during office hours.


Author: Sara Rehman

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