Ever wonder what are the most awkward & weirdest logos that are cringe-worthy?

Just like great and awesome logos, you may also see the weird logo.

Logos are the identity and the soul of the company. Logos are not only the first impression, but it is also the brand impact for the business. Some logos can also drive a business from failures to success! Yes, there some notable examples everywhere!

The designing industry has significantly increased over the last decades and the competition is tough in creating the best logos. Companies spend millions on their creative teams to develop logos but some of the designers totally fail to deliver the results. Designing is a field of creativity but do not let your creativity slip away, improve your concept with time. 

Here, we bring to you a collection of 9 weird and most awkward logo designs which you can judge yourself and let yourself laugh and cry at the same time.

London Olympics 2012 Logo


The logo says the bad designing and awkward signs and BIG NO. The London Olympics 2012 logo was one of the weirdest logos in the Olympic’s History. It was made by spending £400,000 and had a global backlash. People claimed that it resembles Simpsons having sex and other said it resembles a swastika.

This weird logo also led towards Iran boycotting the Olympic games due to the wordings it displayed ‘Zion’. Definitely, no person with a design sense would have approved the logo but the London Olympics did back then, which is such a shame.

Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Logo

weird church logoThe church’s 1973 logo was a bit weird and disturbing. The design shows a priest holding hands of the children and that’s it. No creativity and nothing that depicts the church’s identity. The list has just started, there are even weirder and awkward logos you have to see.

Arlington Pediatric Centre Logo

I mean okay, Pediatric is a profession of taking medical care of children. But let’s look at this weird logo. How the logo is showing that? Just a simple curve line and the whole logo makes no sense.

weird pediatric logo

Hillary Clinton Election Campaign Logo

When Hillary Clinton revealed the logo for her election campaign back in 2015 it also received a lot of mix views. The design resembled a hospital sign with nothing besides a simple lettering that has no flair into it. The design team definitely looks either amateurish and non-interested in their work with this awkward & weird logo design.hilary clinton elections logo

Pepsi’s New Logo

We think that global brands such as Pepsi have a design team that cannot make a mistake. But here is an example of their such weird logo which shows otherwise. Every time you think about drinking Pepsi think about the logo with a head, arms and legs with a big belly. The logo itself displays the harmful effects of drinking the beverage and led towards becoming the popular meme as well.pepsi awkward logo

Sun Rise Sushi

This one is epic! The logo by Sunrise is an OUCH and literally a pain in the eyes. The concept was the sun rising behind the Japanese tea house and it shows that the designer was taking some revenge on the company. This is such a weirdest logo with some really disturbing meanings!sunrise-sushi-logo

Vermont Maple Syrup Logo

The list is never ending and Vermont’s logo says that we need to have better designers in the industry. The concept is not visually appealing and resembles the sideways of someone’s legs instead of a Vermont State. See this weird logo yourself and you will find it amusing as well.vermont maple logo awkward

Mont-Sat Logo

The designer must be quite happy about delivering the weirdest logos. The logo is for the adults who wish to order Skinemax. Perhaps not! The logo shows an animated character with an antenna and a weird stick emerging from the legs. Definitely weird to design as well.Mont-Sat-logo

Mama’s Baking Logo

The logo made for the cafe in Greece is an undoubtedly crazy level of Oedipus complex of the designer. The cafe owners must have fired the designer after seeing this one. The logo shows a lady with a fire and sexualizing the whole theme.mama's bakery logo

Clinica Dental

Lastly, the logo by Clinica Dental is another design meant to target or make fun of the profession I can not say. The concept shows a dentist checking up the patient. The patient, on the other hand, is hanging on the air and between the dentist’s legs. Quite disturbing to even imagine. Have a look yourself.Weird dental logo

We showed you the weirdest, disturbing logos of all time. If you want to start a profession in logo designing then keep your creativity in balance with the company portfolio. Do you have even more weird logos in mind? Let us know in the comments below.

Ending Notes:

This article is based on the research, findings and the expert opinions by Logo King, a logo & creative design firm in Florida, USA. The logos and designed discussed above are on the basis of online polls, and general public discussions on their design and the message they promote. Any opinion made above in the post must not be taken as an absolute fact or proven information.

Author: Roohan Shah

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